Written by John and Debbs

15 Jun 2004

Debbs and I both enjoyed another erotic evening at the Travelodge. Being the second time around, we were both more relaxed. Having made the arrangements by email, we were aware what our watcher wanted to see. Debbs wore her long white dress and was naked underneath. She looked quite stunning. As we danced to some music she I could feel that she was getting turned on in anticipation of the evening ahead. To accommodate our watchers wishes, I left the room so that he could feel she was taking off her clothes for him. I left for about 20 minutes and when I came back she was naked and very turned on by the fact that she had stripped off to a stranger. She danced naked for me as well so that I could see what she had done. And so the evening began and for most of the time we forgot that we were being watched. I know that Debbs had no reservations at all and allowed her body to be exposed in the most intimate of ways. I hope that she was not being too explicit for our watcher and it would be interesting to know what moments he enjoyed that evening. But for me, I enjoyed sitting next to the window knowing that we both were watching the same thing. When Debbs was about to come she knelt facing the window. I felt her orgasm came from deep within and it surfaced I raised a finger to let our watcher know so that he may coincide his moment with us. I love it when a woman comes – all her reservations and shynessess disappear. Her legs open wide, she arches her back so her breasts can shake and she has no control over her facial expressions. Its very animalistic and a very intimate moment to watch. I hope that he enjoyed the moment as much as I did.