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Trespassers beware 2

"Old farmer got me pregnant"

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This is part 2 to trespassers beware story I was fucked by an old farmer after trespassing onto his land. He bent me over my car bonnet and then pushed his old wrinkly penis inside me bareback. Then he shot his cum inside me. What I didn't mention in my last story was that I wasn't on the pill. Roll on a month my period didn't arrive and after a test I could out I was pregnant. Oh shit! It was the old farmers baby inside me. He was over 70 nearly 80 probably and he had impregnated me. I assumed his sperm would be rubbish that's why I let him cum inside me. How wrong was I. I decided to go back to the country lane to find him and tell him the news. It was several months before our paths crossed again in that country lane. I was parked up like last time and the old farmer appeared at my car window. It's you again he said as I got out the car. Back for more old man cock he laughed? I didn't say anything as I got out the car and I let my coat fall and pulled up my top to reveal a neat baby bump. Mine? The old farmer gasped. Yes I said. It's definitely yours. I'm about 3 months now. Yours is the only cum i had before I got pregnant. Also iv not had any cum in me since. It's definitely yours. He stroked my naked belly. And gave me a long kiss. Sorry he said. The touch of a man started to get me wet. He was old but still my baby's father. Maybe this could work as a relationship? We started to get into it now. He pulled his old cock out and started kissing me whilst rubbing his now growing cock. He lifted my top off and started sucking my breast. They began to leak milk which he lapped up. He then laid me over my car bonnet and started shagging me missionary style whilst playing with my clit. I was in heaven. The old farmer then shot inside me again. His old cock right up against my cervix. He slowly withdrew and a load of his old sperm started dribbling out me. He gave me his mobile number and asked me to call him then just buggered off. I hadn't cum yet and was desperate. Just then a passing police car stopped to see why I was parked down a lane. The young police man quickly worked out I was there for sex the way I was on the car bonnet playing with my clit. He didn't muck about and started licking my fanny. He wasn't aware my wetness was old man's semen!!! He quickly got his cock out and thrust into me. I quickly orgasmed just as he did. Mixing old and young sperm. I'm now dating the policeman (called rob) and he keeps asking me who the babies dad is. I keep putting off saying it's an old man who got me pregnant but rob wants to meet the dad. What to do??? Who want the next part?
Written by Me

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