Written by Nikki

16 Nov 2006

I was a nice sweet girl, honestly, when I met my husband at college. Still a virgin until we married but that’s not to say I was a prude, think I was a pretend exhibitionist loved the attention and could be a little flirt. Course, when I met hubby had to calm down, loved him to bits but when we first met he was a little jealous and possessive.

I think by the time we got married at twenty I was definitely a wannabe exhibitionist when I read an article about exhibitionists. Then I loved reading any stories about exhibitionists in men’s magazines, no Mills and Boon for me. Not a lesbian – only liked looking at the ladies because I was curious, wondering what it might feel like to pose naked. I so much wanted to pose naked for the ‘Reader’s Wives’ in Fiesta but only if you couldn’t recognise me.

Didn’t think I could be so crude as in some of the stories, just wished hubby might encourage me to go topless on a foreign beach or something, that would do. But didn’t think he would ever approve.

We’ve now been married three years but at the start of this year my friend was having a divorce and I helped out, babysat for her most Friday evenings. I went straight from work to help out with her two little boys while she got ready for work herself. She worked at her local club so I didn’t mind and hubby was only too pleased. Sorted the boys but once they were away to bed I had the rest of the evening to myself. Had myself a shower then settled down with a good book.

She lived in a terraced house, had the two rooms knocked together so you could walk from the lounge into the dining area that had big patio doors to the back garden. From there you went into the kitchen, the kitchen window faced next door and with a low wall you could spy on next door to see what they were having for tea, not very private at all. Then you walked through the kitchen to the downstairs bathroom.

Now you got the picture, I was still sweet and innocent but fate twisted my arm.

After my shower I always went into the kitchen to dry my hair wearing just a towel and turban. Hadn’t noticed before but one evening I could see the man next door was looking at me from his kitchen window. It was the middle of winter so had the light on and with no blind for the window I knew he could see me plain as day. No matter, he couldn’t really see anything so I wasn’t bothered but he seemed to take a long time washing those dishes. I knew he was spying on me and just wearing a towel I felt a little bit horny so just for a tease I went upstairs and changed into my t-shirt and nicks but no bra. I knew he was alone so I felt safe. Looked at myself in the mirror, t-shirt was just covering the top of my nicks so that was okay. I’m only a 34b but my nipples are very prominent and when erect you can really see them sticking out. I was feeling horny. He was still in the kitchen so I wandered around, making myself a coffee, reaching up in the cupboard to make sure he could see I was just wearing my nicks. Felt so excited I had to go into the lounge and play with myself.

I know, not very exciting at all but you have to be patient. Just like a chameleon it takes time. Thing is, I think because I knew him I would have been dead embarrassed had he realised that I was doing it on purpose.

Next week, I was drying my hair in the kitchen, he was watching me for a while but then he disappeared. I was so disappointed, I even come prepared. Went upstairs, looked at myself in the mirror again, short little vest top that hugged me tight like a second skin, much better. I could hardly wear a thong but my nicks were dead sexy and barely covered my bits. This was much better all I needed now was an audience.

Although he was nowhere to be seen I still felt horny wandering about the kitchen half naked. You probable guessed but I didn’t think at the time. When I went to the kitchen sink I caught sight of him in the upstairs window, the light was on and I’m sure he was pretending to be busy. I thought that was sneaky, he was spying at me from upstairs so he could have a better look. I liked that! Spent more time in the kitchen that night knowing that he was spying on me.

In fact, I was thinking about it later and thought it was better like that. Like I said, think I would have been dead embarrassed if ever he thought I was doing it on purpose but with him being so sneaky I could get away with almost anything. Would never have a better opportunity. Now that was a thought, felt ever so horny just thinking what I could get up to.

Had it all planned but would I have the nerve? Think I got carried away. Same routine, when I came out of the shower I seen him in the kitchen but after a couple of minutes he was gone again. With my back to the window my towel slipped down, fell to the floor, oops! Counted to three then turned around to face the window. Had meant to walk straight out but couldn’t resist and went straight to the window. Couldn’t see him but I just knew he was watching and held my nerve, filled the kettle then made myself a coffee before going into the lounge. Forgot to tell you, was already wearing my nicks. I know, that was sneaky of me but I never much fancied flashing my pussy but I was standing in the kitchen topless just wearing my sexy nicks for about five minutes. That was my first real flashing experience and I loved it!

However, I thought much about it after and thought I could never do it again since once was an accident, twice would have been so obvious.

Oh hum, same routine and I was walking around the kitchen topless again the next week. And over the next few weeks I become much more relaxed and often caught him spying at me in the upstairs window. But I suppose the novelty was bound to wear off, I could spend ages wandering around the kitchen topless, even done the ironing a couple of times but it felt less exciting.

I had some evenings off and then I think the clocks must have changed and we had lighter evenings. Nothing happened for some weeks until one evening I seen him pottering away in the garden. I was sat on the settee reading my book, dressed decent, so not feeling sexy at all. Although the curtains were wide open he could never see me from there so thought it might be fun to strip naked and play with myself on the settee while I could see him. That felt horny so decided to have myself a little dare. Dressed into my nicks and sexy top, another look in the mirror and had the desired affect. Stood in front of the patio doors for a while but he wasn’t looking so grabbed my book then turned a chair back to front and sat facing away from the doors reading my book at the table. Turned the chair back to front so I would look dead sexy, cute ‘eh?

Then I heard a noise just behind me, turned to look and he was playing with his hosepipe, he was washing down his back yard. Was wondering if he was staring at my bum. Got up to leave, turned to face him, gave him a little wave but another neighbour was stretching for a better look so went into the lounge. That felt really horny, everything was well covered, my bikini would have shown more but I knew he could see my nipples sticking out through my top. That was nice.

I could still see him from the settee so had a little play with myself and just when it went dark I stripped naked. He was still out the back but had his light on, dared myself to go into the dining but standing in the shadow until I pulled another chair and sat facing him with my legs wide open. It felt so exciting being this close to him while stroking my pussy, yet I was sure he couldn’t see me even though the outside light was shining on me a little. That felt really daring and once he went inside I stood at the patio doors, naked!

I could see him through the frosted glass of his door, perhaps feeling a little too excited I stood outside facing his door. I knew that if he went for his door I could easily hide back inside but when he finally left his kitchen I was standing in total darkness. I kept looking out for him, had he been at the upstairs window he would have seen me but I was sure that he was still downstairs. I crept further away from the doors until I was standing near the bathroom window. Couldn’t go any further, I’d be right out in the open away from the house and very risky as it was, should the other neighbours see me. If he came out now I would have nowhere to hide but that thought really excited me. It was such a thrill wandering outside totally naked taking such a big risk that he could see me.

Once I got back inside I smiled to myself and wondered how I would have reacted if he really had caught me outside naked. Feeling horny I imagined all kinds of scenarios where I would just walk past him, the thought really excited me. I so much wanted him to see me naked.

Of course, easy to say when you’re feeling horny but later that week, in work, at home I kept imagining all kinds of scenarios where he could see me naked but wondering if I’d have the nerve. Decided the best scenario would be to walk around the kitchen naked after taking a shower. So I did but I was pretty sure that he wasn’t around to see me. Then I saw him go out into the garden again. I had all kinds of little thoughts running through my mind, was getting myself so worked up I dared myself to strip naked and stand near the patio doors. I stood there for some time, kept out of sight thinking I should pick my moment. I waited until he made his way back to the house, I had intended to pull the curtains but as he looked up I left them open so any pretence of it being an accident had gone and we both just stood there staring at each other.

I was shaking with excitement yet surprised at how relaxed I felt where it was obvious I was inviting him to look at my naked body. In fact, I think it was even more exciting than pretending that it was an accident. It was like I’d just crossed a hurdle and I held my nerve. I kept hold of the curtains perhaps thinking I’d give him a good long look before pulling them shut. But he then sat on the wall, he wasn’t going anywhere so I thought I needed to do something. Gave him a little sexy pose then pressed my tits against the window, probable nervous so I was giggling all the time. I so much wanted him to see my pussy so I grabbed the chair then sat facing him, slowly teasing my legs apart then spreading my pussy wide open just like those girls in the sex magazines. I never dreamed in my wildest fantasies but I was feeling so worked up I began stroking my body, my tits, my pussy, everywhere until I cum! I sat there recovering from the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. I’d been feeling horny all day with anticipation but now I was feeling so proud of myself I didn’t want to stop and continued to slowly massage my clitoris until I had another orgasm. Kept looking out should the other neighbours see me but even that thought excited me. The next, next-door neighbour was often out in his garden, a man in his fifties and I knew he liked ogling me when I sunbathed on the lawn. I was well used to having multi orgasms so could have gone on much longer but I think I must have sat there for thirty minutes or more, think I needed to have a little time to myself to reflect. So I gave him a wave, a smile then a curtsey before closing the curtains while he applauded.

I must have sat on the settee for ages and ages pondering on what I’d just done. I kept wondering when I would start feeling embarrassed, guilty, shamed. But I never did, I was glowing for days after.

The following week I went out into the garden to have a little chat with him. He was glad to see me but straight away he said that he didn’t recognise me with my clothes on. That earned a giggle and I loved the naughty compliments and innuendos but I set the rule, no touching allowed.

Guess it was bound to happen, I eventually let him touch me, first my tits then my pussy. Now we often met in the garden before my performance and I always wore something sexy to tease but sometimes took the risk of wearing a see though blouse. That was taking a big risk and sure enough I’m sure the other neighbour must have been spying on us and he came out into the garden. Wanted to run and hide back inside but I was persuaded to stay in the garden. He began chatting to us over his garden wall and I kept trying to hide myself behind the man next door but he kept moving out the way. Eventually I gave up and was up for the dare. That was dead naughty since I knew that the other man could see just enough to know that I wasn’t wearing a bra. Frightened myself after when I checked in the mirror, could barely see my nipples until I stood sideways then in silhouette you could easily see my tits. Dead embarrassing but once he left us alone the first man kept brushing my nipples with his fingers. He made no attempt to be discreet, to see if anyone was looking because he knew that I would feel excited. Of course I was encouraging him so by the time we got to the alleyway between the kitchen windows my blouse was open. I stripped topless and it felt so exciting standing there in the daylight while he was sucking my nipples.

I think that made the difference, for my performance that evening I opened the patio doors. It was still very much light outside and as before, I was dressed in high heels but smart skirt and blouse dressed from work. Not so much a strip tease, he liked to watch me busy myself at first as I walked around the room. But this time I offered him a chair as I walked about him in the alleyway. I felt quite the mistress, discarding my blouse, letting my skirt fall to the floor. Just as he liked to see me, dressed in heels, black stockings, see through knickers and matching bra. I stood in front of him, inviting him to undress me. Before my bra fell to the floor I could feel his fingertips then his lips, sucking my nipples while his hands stroked my pussy. My hands pulled at my knickers but when his fingers began probing my pussy I knew there were no turning back. I gently eased myself down onto his cock, feel him stretching my pussy and we held a passionate embrace, gyrating together for maximum penetration. But I needed to be fucked. I got up and leant forward with my hands on the low wall, legs apart and urged him to fuck me. Once he cum inside me he pulled me straight and faced me towards the back garden edging me closer to the open space as far as we dared. We were taking such a risk but he knew very well that I was too excited to care. He kept whispering in my ear, there could be someone watching us right now, the thought driving me wild with excitement. He sat me on the wall, not noticing the cold, with my feet in front of me legs wide open leaning back against him as he continued to play with my tits and pussy until I finally cum.

That’s exactly how it happened. However, I’ve had to change some details to this story since I am still my husband’s virgin. Sorry, while I would really love to play out this fantasy I was actually babysitting for the girl next door and ‘the man next door’ is my husband. I’m still a wannabe exhibitionist but only confessed my fantasies to my husband when I flashed to him from the kitchen next door. It all started as a game to see if he would notice but he admitted that he was spying on me but only said anything, I think the second time he seen me topless. And that’s how it all came about and we were both thrilled by the idea. Felt really embarrassed telling him but he in turn told me that he would love to watch me have sex with other men.

We’re still experimenting with that idea.

Maybe one-step at a time and I have been topless many times this year on the local beach but although I have been nude at several locations I have yet to flash my pussy to another man.

Of course, I’ve had to change many details but it’s only how I imagined myself if doing it for real. When I first seen my husband in the kitchen that night I did imagine him to be another man. But when I told him about my fantasy that’s when the game began. Nothing was planned, he let me set my own pace and despite him being my husband I never thought I’d have the nerve to perform in front of him with my legs wide open playing with my pussy. We did take some risks with the neighbours but that was part of the excitement, there was every risk of someone seeing us as I performed by the patio doors in broad daylight, maybe that man did! Hope so! There are no houses behind us, just a lane and woodland but who knows that someone could have been spying on us? Then of course dressed in the garden with a see through blouse was really naughty while hubby fondled me. And when I crept out into the garden naked that night, hubby suggested that I should have called him since he would have encouraged me to walk to the back of the garden.

Hope you enjoyed my story, I’m sure there will be more.