Written by Kerry

29 Jan 2004

I have been married for two years now and recently have made friends with the couple who live next door to us. they are in there late twentys and really good fun. We have had them round our house loads of times and we have all been out together. Tayna is very pretty and a nice curvy figure and recently told us her tits are fake she had them enlarged, she showed me photos of her before the boob job and she was flat chested and fat, she has completly changed. My husband really wanted to see the photos of Tayna but she was to shy to show him. When we went home he went on and on about them and asked me what her tits were like, i told him there was nothing there, this seemed to excite him and then in bed he kept asking me if i would like to sleep with Tayna and john her husband, this shocked me as i had never heard him talk like this before so i said no not really, why do you and he told me while we were fucking that he would like to see Tayna naked.

Weeks passed and often i caught him looking at Tayna and flirting with her, sometimes we would argue about her and he would say shes a sexy woman. A couple of months ago Tayna and i went out for an evening and both got very drunk, we met up with some work mates of Taynas and she ended up getting her tits out in the pub and we then got thrown out, so decided to go home. when we got home my husband was round at there house with John, we fell in the house laughing and Tayna being drunk told the men what she had done in the pub, John laughed and my husband then took full oportunity to see Taynas tits, he asked her to now show him as he has never seen them, i being drunk still was shocked and disgusted at him, but almost straight away she pulled her top over her head and there they were in my husbands view, her firm large f tits, my husband was really fasinated with them and then asked if he could feel them, john was laughing and said "go on Tan let him touch them" she then knelt next to my husband and pushed her chest to him, he was squeezing them and caressing them with both his hands, I then sat down next to them Tanya was so drunk she was telling my hubby all about the op she had on them, but he wasnt interested in that he was enjoying touching her body. He then told her they were soft and she joked do you want to see more, before he could answer her, she stood up and took of her skirt she was wearing blue thongs which left nothing to your imagination, she was nice and i really envied her body, she showed my husband her piercing and her tatoo of a love heart above her pubic hair which was shaved of. she was pulling her nickers right down and you could see the top of her pussy. John had took no notice and was now playing on his xbox, i couldnt believe what Tanya was doing in front of me and her own husband with my husband. I then told her to get dressed and she told me to stop being boring and to strip of as well. I never answered her. she was walking around the living room topless with her thongs on and she did not care she seemed to be turned on by it. she sat next to her husband and he was laughing at her and she was kissing his neck telling him to take her to bed, he wouldnt because he was to fixed on his game. I then whispered to my husband that he wants to fuck Tanya he told me to stop being silly and that i was drunk. Tayna then got up and went upstairs, after a few minutes my husband made the excuse he needed the toilet. I sat watching John on his game and wondering if my husband had gone to the toilet or not. After 5 minutes neither of them had come down so I went upstairs, as i got half way up the stairs i could see the light on in a bedroom and heard Tayna laughing and talking, i creeped up a few more stairs and then heard my husbands voice and she was laughing, i creeped to the top of the stairs and sat down listening, i could hear noises and murmers, i stood up and peeped as much as i could round the door, Tanya was sat in a big cushioned chair in the bedroom, i noticed she had now removed her nickers, she was sat twiddling her nipples with her legs slightly open, i at first couldnt see my husband but then he was in full view and he was stood in front of Tayna he then got on his knees and opened her legs wide so they were both hanging over the sides of the chair, she had her eyes closed and her fingers in her mouth, my husband had his head between her legs i new he was licking her out, she was loving it and touching his hair as he was licking on her, he then with one hand was touching her tits again, his head came back up and he stood up leaning over her, he kissed her full on the lips and her legs were still over the sides of the chair, he was on her tits now and she was laughing as he must of been biting them. He then stood tall and she was asking him to fuck her, she moved down the chair slightly so her arse was more at the edge of the chair, her legs still wide apart, my husband was removing his jeans and pants, he then turned around and came over to the door shutting it slightly, i ducked back and knelt down on the landing, i could still see in the room but only the bed, i could hear them murmuring and muttering and then i saw my husband carry Tanya and he lay her down on the bed, she was lay there with her legs open waiting for my husband to take her fully, he then came in to view he was naked and he then climbed on top of her and they started moving i couldnt see clearly but new his cock must now be inside her, she lifted her legs higher and he then wrapped them round his shoulders he was pushing himself up with his hands on the bed as he fucked her hard, he was closing his eyes as he then rammed in to her, she was making alot of noise, shich i couldnt believe her husband couldnt hear her moaning and the noise they were making, she was now louder and ohhhhhhh and arrrrrrr fuck me fuck me hard, i felt so horny watching her so i opened the door wider and he then saw me, he didnt stop fucking her though, she was in to much ectasy to notice anything, i stood in the door and put my hand inside my nickers and was rubbing my clit as i watched them fuck, my husband was fucking her faster as he watched me play with my pussy, i soon come and still stood there in the door as he pulled out of Tanya and come all over her tits, he carried on wanking his cock over her and then went back down on her he was licking her hard with his tongue until she let go of herself and come all over his face, i then left the room and sat on the stairs. A few minutes later my husband came out of the bedroom fully dressed he left Tanya on the bed naked with spunk all over her tits and tummy. He took my hand and we went home.

We screwed in bed soon as we got home and he told me that he will never touch her again he now wants me to sleep with her and he watches, that we will have to see.