Written by Mike

5 Aug 2004

Sue my wife is a very dishy 45 year old, who has kept her figure and looks a little younger than her age. Sue is also very submissive in bed and also naive and never seems to know how to handle situations that arise. Like a lot of men, I’ve fantasised about Sue taking a lover as I watched, and although we have discussed it during love making, she has never actually agreed and gone any farther than talking about it.

Sue and her friend work for a Turkish family, and recently the family moved home and Sue, her friend and their husbands where invited to a house warming party.

Sue spent most of the time dancing and mostly with one of the family’s teenage sons.

I spent most of the time talking to Sue’s friend’s husband and didn’t notice Sue’s absence from the main room.

Some time later, I went out into the hall and there was Sue sitting on the stairs looking somewhat sheepish. I asked her what was the matter and she asked to go home, it was fairly late by then so we went. She was still quiet in the car, but when we got to bed, she told me what had happened.

Whilst dancing one of the sons had pulled Sue to him and whispered that he intended to fuck her that evening, and after telling her, he pulled her closer and she could feel his cock pressing against her. She pulled away and said she was going upstairs to the loo, he had taken this as a sign of approval and when she came out of the loo he was there with his brother. They pushed her into a bedroom and straight away, started kissing her and feeling her body. She had become aroused by this time, and she found herself on the bed with her dress up around her waist and the top down over her tits and her bra off. Aki, the one she’d been dancing with pulled off her pants and had his cock in her and fucked her for a few minutes till he shot his spunk into her, then immediately his brother took his place and did the same. Sue said that the fucked her so fast that she nearly came, but as they didn’t last more than a few minutes, she never got to cum.

The door then opened, and the father, Sue’s employer entered grinning and thanking Sue for helping his sons become men, it was hard for Moslems to sow wild oats with Moslem women before marriage and easier to do this with English women . He leered at her and told her that he would now reward her for this service she had done him, and he dropped his pants and revealed a cock better suited on a horse. He got between her legs and eased the tip of his cock into Sue a few inches at a time till he was fully home, then stopping he said something to his sons in Turkish and they left the room. The father then proceeded to fuck Sue with great long strokes making her cum many times. Sue heard the door open, but didn’t care by this time, she couldn’t see who it was either, but now the father speeded up his thrusting and grunted satisfaction as he shot his hot spunk into her. When he climbed off Sue could see the sons had come back and brought the uncle and grandfather with them. Immediately the sons fucked Sue again and as before didn’t last long. Then the uncle got between her legs and brought her to more orgasms in the 10 minutes or so he fucked her.

Sue was now getting up when the father stopped her with a hand on her shoulder and told her not yet. He pushed her back down and Sue thought he wanted her again, but no, the old man was dropping his pants. He was around 75 , toothless and smelled of garlic. Sue couldn’t see his cock because of a loose shirt he was wearing, but when he entered her, she knew where his son had inherited his.

The old man had no finesse like his son, he just pushed in and out while grunting like a pig, his face was twisted in an expression of sheer lust but his eyes where glazed over and expressionless while he drooled from the corner of his mouth. The sons and his grandsons all spoke encouragement to him and suddenly he grunted louder and Sue felt him explode his cum into her. They helped the old man off her and left the room laughing and talking excitedly in Turkish, that’s when I found Sue on the stairs.

After she told me this, Sue asked me if I still loved her. As she told me the events of the evening, my cock had become harder than ever before, so instead of answering her, I simply got between her legs and gave her my spunky contribution too. At some point, I’m going to arrange a repeat performance with Sue’s boss, but this time be present myself