Written by Very Happy Husband

5 Dec 2006

"what is the matter with you?" That has long been the reply of my wife over the last few years when I brought up the subject of her having a lover. She didnt seem to understand my abject need to have her soundly fucked by other people. I have for many years read the stories on this site and that had confirmed in my mind what I needed to feel complete. My lovely wife is blonde, nicely proportioned and does not look her 42 years. She has been the envy of my mates who think she is gorgeous.

Things came to a head this summer when she made it clear that I could forget it, although I think the fact that I had offered to arrange things didnt help...ooops!!

However last week we went out for an evening with her firm in London and after a very nice dinner in a stylish London Hotel a group of us went on to a very select nightclub.

Once inside we all had a boogie and I soon found myself dancing with some of my wifes mates. Youll know what its like when they play lots of songs you like and the next thing you know 15 mins has gone by.

I pulled myself away from the girls to find my wife who was at the bar talking to some guys from the group. As I neared I saw that one of the guys had his hand on my wifes hip and I saw immediately that he was stroking her. I also saw that she was not stopping the attention and my heart was in my mouth.

I quickly reversed and watched them, and I saw the guy move his attention to my wifes backside and again she did not seem to mind.

I knew I had to help things along, but I certainly did not want to approach the group in fear of ruining the moment.

After a few minuits, and someone must have heard my prayers the guy concerned left the group and went to the gents. I followed and once inside stood next to him as he peed. He smiled recognising me and said "Good night eh?" "yes I replied, but for you it could get better" The guy looked at me and laughed " Sorry mate Im a strictly ladies man".....I flushed, "No look youve got it wrong, I want you to have my wife"....you can imagine how the conversation went, and after another guy came in, He looked at me and suggested we have a chat in the main club.

I soon explained who I was and who my wife was, and he was delighted that I would allow him to try his luck. We agreed that I would return to my wifes friends for as long as possible and in the meantime he would continue to caress my wife.

My cock was as stiff as a broom handle at the thought of what might be and I had to make sure my jacket was done up to hide the fact.

After half an hour I could wait no more, and I went to the bar to find that my wife and the guy were not where I had left them. Looking around I saw that they were now dancing together, my wife dancing closely with him.

I watched as she ground her bum into his groin and he glanced a hand across her front, brushing her breasts.

Then they left the dance floor and he held her hand as they returned to the bar, my mind was a turmoil as at the bar my wife left the guy and went to the bathroom.

As quick as flash I decided now was the time to text her, she would hear her mobile in the quiet of the bathroom.

Quickly I text the words " have him for me...please and signed my name.

I waited agonisingly until my phone rang...it was my wife.

"So you want me to have him eh?" She laughed "You are a persisitant bugger....good job im pissed"

My wife met me outside the ladies and she whispered "Get a taxi then....Ill get my lover"!!!

I managed to get a taxi number from a bouncer and my hands fumbled as I called the number.

We were soon all 3 of us waiting outside the club and my wife kissed me deeply as the guy from her office looked on.

"one for you too" she said and I was elated as she kissed the man for what seemed an eternity allowing his tongue to explore her.

The taxi soon arrived and all 3 of us sat in the back, my wife in the middle. AS we travelled back to our hotel, I watched as the guy slipped his hand up underneath my wifes dress, and I guess he struck home as I saw her eyes close in exstasy.

The trip seemed to take forever and when we eventually reached the lobby, the lift seemed to be on strike....I was in absolute heaven.

Within the lift I lifted my wifes dress and asked the guy to slip her pants off. He obliged and my gorgeous wife stepped out of the little white knickers. The guy picked them up and finding the wettest and most soiled part kissed them and poked them into his jacket pocket.

Once in the room, I dimmed the light and pulled an upholstered chair to a position where I could see.

By now my wife and her lover were kissing passionately and her neck was being nibbled and pecked. She looked beautiful as she writhed with lust as her zip was lowered and soon she stood french kissing another man stood in her heels, stockings and bra.

Her ample B cup breasts soon were un leashed and I saw the whole of her very erect nipples dissapear into the mouth of the guy. He was very good and took great time in satisfying her breasts demands.

My wife turned and crawled onto the bed while the guy removed his clothes, his cock was not hugely bigger than mine but I could not wait to see it deep within my darling wife.

By now my wife lay on the bed, legs apart as she rubbed her wonderfully wet clit as the guy looked on. She was coming in no time at all, and as she convulsed and cried out the guy buried his face between her legs tasting her fresh juice. The guy began to rub her clit with his thumb whilst licking and fingering her at the same time. Using the other hand he occasionally pulled back her hood to reveal her clit a little more. I was damned impressed when she once again groaned and came for a second time.

The guy then reached on the floor and asked my wife to put a condom on for him.

My wife obliged and hurredly stretched a jonny onto his hardened cock.

I was then treated to seeing the cock of another man slip deeply into my wife and I heard her sigh as he began to gently slip in and out of her, whilst caressing her nipples.

Her legs wrapped around him and then down locking around his legs as he continued the rythm.

They were true lovers kissing deeply as they fucked one another. Soon my wife was on all fours, but her face looking at me, as the stranger took her from behind, this time more harshly as he pulled her hair. She smiled at me and mouthed the words "love you" as the guy slammed into her again and again. Then my wife was positioned on the edge of the bed facing away from me as the guy, now standing slammed into her, the noise of my groaning wife and his ample cock entering her with great force filling the room.My wife cried louder as she was rammed for what seemed an eternity and I soon recognised her cry and the tell talearch of her back as she came yet again.

It was an amazing sight when after a lot more fucking I saw the guys buttocks clench as he pumped the contents of his balls within her.

I saw that they glistened with sweat and they once again began to kiss deeply, my wifes legs wrapped around him as they did so. The guy went to the bathroom to get rid of the well filled condom, and as he did I spoke to my wife "Thankyou" I said "would you like to spend the night with him"?....She smiled..."Would you mind sweetheart...its just sex...but id love to have more" I smiled kissed her and quietly left the room, going to reception and booking another for the night.

Next day I returned to our room to find my wife in the bath and the guy now gone. She smiled at me "well are you happy now??? Fantasy fullfilled"?? I smiled back "yes hun Im very happy"......"good" She said "but next time Ill ask him myself...ok?"!!!!! I was so happy, my wife was now a hotwife and although we have yet to experience this situation again we are already talking about our next plan to find my gorgeous wife another lover...there is a god!!