Written by tvlynne

13 Jun 2006

My name is Lynne, i am a married bi Transvestite, my wife often takes me out in her car, she will stop the car then drive off leaving me to walk to meet at an arranged place, i have done this on many occasion but this night was different, as i was walking along the road i sensed that i was being followed, i quickened my step which was a little difficult in heels, only to hear the man behind also walking faster, i was frightend to turn round, he called out to me, i was shocked that he called me by my male name, i stopped & turned slowly, only to see my elderly neighbour, he said that he had watched me from his bedroom when i had been dressed as a female in my garden, i was quite embarresed, he told me not to be as he has had many a nice wank watching me rub myself over my panties, then he touched my crotch through my skirt & asked if i wanted to dress in comfort, i asked him what he meant & he said that i can go to his house any time i wished, i agreed & went to his house the next day after my wife had gone to work.

When he opened his door to me he seemed pleased that i had a miniskirt on instead of the calf length skirt the night before, he asked if i wanted to suck his cock, i said yes, he then said that i had to do his housework for him first, i agreed, he took photos of me working in his home & video, all the time saying that i am a slut & he will be showing his friends my pics & video, he then said he is ringing his friends to come round right away so they too could watch me working, about 15 mins later there was a knock at the door, he told me to answer it, there stood 3 men, they asked if i was Lynne? i said yes & they entered, i walked back into the living room only to find my neighbour stark naked with a good sized erection, he ordered me to get on my knees & suck his cock while his friends also stripped naked, there i was, a tv slut kneeling in a circle of 4 men all with their cocks erect & demanding i suck them all off, all the time calling me a dirty little girl.

I was then told to tidy the garden, once outside i was grabbed by 4 men, & tied to a tree in the garden, my arms above my head tied to a branch & my legs spread apart & tied wide open, they pulled my little skirt up to my waist & ripped my knickers off leaving my erect cock free, they all felt my whole body including my cock & balls & played with my bottom, instead of feeling nervous, i felt really horny & wanted them to take me one at a time which the eventually did, my bottom was sore but i enjoyed it, they all cum over me, leaving me tied to the tree soaked in their cum they went indoors, they said if i did not attend their houses once a week they would show my wife all the pics & video, i agreed, they also insisted that i buy myself a maids uniform to perform my household duties.

I will let you know what happens soon