Written by TV Tara

25 Sep 2005

Well some time has elapsed since I had my first sexual encounter dressed and I spent a good deal of it turning over whether I wanted to call John (who gave me his card after taking my anal virginity). Well, in the end I decided to do it (with some trepidation!) and I ended up having a nice, if nervous chap with him and being invited to a garden party he was holding. This was a real first for me in several ways. I took extra care when shaving as I'd never been out en-femme in daylight before and it was a nice sunny afternoon. I really didn't know what to expect as I was told that the party would be full of likeminded people and to come dressed. The week before involved a lot of shopping and I eventually arrived in a short white pleated skirt, a tight white top over some lace trimmed pink satin underwear with tan lace top hold ups and some white high strappy stilettos.

The house was pretty large as I rather awkwardly swayed up the gravel drive and the door bell was answered by a large middle-aged lady wearing a pretty short maid's outfit. All well and good I thought and was shown through to the back garden where the other guests had assembled. I clearly looked quite nervous as John came over to greet me but immediately after giving me a peck on the cheek, he surprised me more by whisking me off my heels into his arms. My first thought was of modesty as I tried to cover up my bulging panties clearly visible above my hopelessly exposed stocking tops. My second thought was of horror as he made his way to the pool - I'd spent ages on my makeup! With a little toss, he dropped me right in and I just managed to hang on to my wig as I came back up and John dived in next to me. I was in a state of shock and just managed to swim to the edge in my clinging clothes when I felt a hand pull my panties aside and something clumsily try to enter my ass. Naturally I flinched and pulled away and John declared to the then laughing crowd that I had committed the crime of not putting out on my first visit to the party. This hushed them up and the maid who had let me in came forward saying 'Great, it is about time my turn was over.' 'Get out and go with Janet' I was instructed and had to try and climb up the ladder in my sandals all the while John was squeezing my packet in my sodden panties and fingering my hole (which wasn't too bad now I was ready for it ;) ).

Janet took me into the house and made it very clear that she was not very happy at having to serve as maid and had plenty saved up to inflict on me. She threw me a towel and told me to dry myself off while she changed out the maid's outfit. After I was dry, she told me to come out and redo my makeup. It must be in the same style as the girls in that Robert Palmer video: White face, red lips, black eyes and while I was doing that, she rummaged around in some drawers to find me some new underwear. I was all a bit flustered but in a way, this was one of my fantasies come true so I did what she said. As I did my lipstick, Janet pulled out a see-through black set trimmed in pink and disentangled a pair of black fishnet stockings. I slipped the bra, panties and sussy belt on with sensual delight and fixed the stockings (although they weren't really my style). Janet could see my cock growing through the sheer material and tutted as she helped me on with her short maid's dress, apron and cap. 'Now you are here purely to serve' she said. 'You must satisfy the needs of anyone without question until such a time as another person breaks the rules and becomes maid. Your first duty is to bend over for me so we can remove that unsightly bulge from under your skirt.' With that, I bend down and she spanked me for all she was worth. It soon took my mind off sex I have to admit and really made my ass sore as I whimpered out loud. Janet really was a bitch and I wondered what it was that she hated me for. After what seemed like a very uncomfortable age, Janet relented and said ‘you have neglected your duties, I think I can hear guests leaving and you must fetch their bags.’ I hastily pulled my skirt down, bucked on my damp sandals and rushed out (as fast as I could in heels) to be introduced to a much older man, Geoff as he was introduced, who had to leave early. As if to prove a point, Janet said ‘well you can’t let him leave unsatisfied! Go on, suck him off quickly.’ I didn’t really know what to do but I obediently sank to my knees and Geoff seemed game enough as he smilingly unzipped his trousers. ‘Quick quick!’ Janet urged ‘If you don’t make him come in 5 minutes, I will spank you again but with a cane’. That really focused my mind and I gobbled desperately, caressing his balls, running my tongue underneath his tip and eventually reaching inside his pants and pushing my finger up his butt to try and massage his prostate, I was so desperate for his seed. Something clearly worked too as sure enough, I felt him stiffening in my mouth and swallowed maybe 4 or 5 spurts of come straight down my throat. ‘Good’ Janet said as she reached in my bra and savagely pinched one of my nipples. ‘Now come with me and we will see what John has in store for you, you little slut.’

Janet led me back through the house and showed me where things were to serve guests drinks, condoms and anything else they may require. John was busy with some other people but laughed to see me blushing and curtseying to strangers. The next couple of hours were fun but uneventful as I served the guests. The most exciting part was being instructed to clean a post-coital couple with my tongue. The second taste of come for the day and gently licking a quim was exciting but understandably, they weren’t in the mood to play more. Well the afternoon wore on and most of the guests left. I was thinking that the afternoon wasn’t really what I had hoped for when I was summoned to the dining room in the house. In the room, John and several or the remaining guests, were taking seats to eat. I thought I would have to act the waitress but clearly not. Janet, who had by this point changed into a smart satin blouse and skirt, instructed me to get under the table. There I had to get on my knees and perform foot worship on her black stilettos. After covering all of her shoes with my tongue and being forced to suck on the heels, she beckoned to me to move up between her legs. I crawled my way forward as everyone else carried on with the meal and was presented with her hairy and gaping quim. Playing the role, I leant forward and gently licked between the lips, occasionally darting my tongue over her clit and pushing a bit deeper inside her. After only a couple of minutes I was surprised to see Janet’s quim convulsing. Then it hit me, both figuratively and literally – a spurt of piss right down the front of my uniform and onto my white apron. I was told to come closer as Janet launched a steady stream of piss into my hair, over my face and down my dress. Her hands came under the table to angle the stream, completely soaking my dress and apron. I caught and swallowed what I could of the never-ending stream but there was still a very big puddle left on the wood floor. It was then that John intervened and demanded that it should be all cleaned up, by tongue if need be. Well my uniform was pretty soaked but it was really degrading having to pull my panties over my fishnets and stilettos and use them to try and mop up the puddle of piss. It was even more humiliating to hook the sodden bundle over my heels and pull them back on again and expose my butt encased in the cold, wet and smelly material as I licked up the rest from the floor, all the time to the peals of Janet’s laughter.

Clearly, for John this had the desired effect and when I was finished, he instructed me to come with him to another room. He shut the door and explained that Janet was very dom and hated being the maid and so she took it out on me a bit for having to do her stint. Still, I had played the role well and it was time for me to complete my duties. The last duty that the maid had to perform was to receive the master’s come. ‘To do this, I am going to fuck you.’ He said. I was quivering at the knees as I peeled the wet material of my skirt off my thighs and curtseyed. ‘But this won’t be a 5 minute trembler over a bog like last time. I am going to do it long and hard and make you really earn my come.’ With that, I sank to my knees and removed John’s trousers to reveal his semi hard cock. As he kicked his clothes off, I followed him to a sofa where he lay back while I alternated between licking his cock and rimming him with my tongue. I’d never done this before but it seemed natural after my hours of submission as I knelt there with my fishnets pressing into my skin and the saturated material of my dress clinging to me. I really did want to earn his come as my mascara-run cheeks, topped with the ruined cap bobbed up and down on his cock. He urged me on gently to get him as hard as I could. My last memory of his cock was that it was certainly larger than average but I was surprised and a little intimidated by the size his rigid and throbbing member got to. ‘I could fuck you myself, but it would be far better if you push it in’ as he passed me a tube of K-Y. Despite not being really erect, my cock was hyper-sensitive as I massaged the cold jell into my hole; with just 2 of my own fingers up me, I thought I’d fill my panties. He slid onto his back and beckoned me onto him. As I looked around for a condom, he just put his finger to my lips and said ‘I’m safe’ and in my emotional state, that was enough for me. I straddled him and pulled my panties aside for the end of his big cock to push at my hole. The thrill was electric as I balanced on my heels and sank wobblingly onto his cock. He stretched me more than I was ready for and I winced but carried on anyway. Soon I was easing myself up and down the first few inches of his length, teetering on my high heels as I squatted with my skirt around my waist and my now erect cock straining against the damp sheer black material of my panties.

‘This is good but I think I need to take matters in hand’ said John as he raised me off him and bent me over on all fours. After a short pause, I felt his cock re-stretching me as he pushed in inch by inch. Wow, it went on and my god, was I full. I thought I would do myself some damage when he started pumping but I resigned myself to being his sex toy and was properly fucked. I’m not sure how long it went on but I noticed after some time that John started to speed up and declare that he was ready. He made me put my head on the floor with my ass in the air and push back as hard as I could to ‘make him’ come. God I felt like a slut as I desperately pushed back to fell his balls slap me but it was wonderful! After only about 6 strokes, he groaned and pulled himself as deep as he could. I could feel him pumping his hot seed deep inside me and just lay there in ecstasy. After he had finished, he pulled himself out and commanded to me ‘stay just like that’ as he left the room. It felt like my pounded ass was dribbling but I knew it had been well and truly stretched so I remained in the position as instructed. After about a minute, John came back holding a large butt plug. ‘You need to prove that you have earned my come remember’ he said and eased the plug into my sore ass. ‘Wait a few minutes until your holes up a bit around that and then pull your panties up and keep my come inside you when you leave’ he said. I spent a little more time at the party and I did have to prove that I had John’s come (to Janet – no surprise) but the time came around when things came to an end. I collected my clothes and was told to take the uniform and bring it back washed as I was escorted to my car. I drove home still dressed and couldn’t help putting my hand under my skirt as I tottered quickly to my front door less the neighbors see me. The images of the day’s adventures and the feeling of the still damp maids uniform and another man’s come seeping out around the end of the butt plug in my knickers was too much though and I had to pause after I got my key in the lock as I came in spouts with one of the strongest orgasms of my life.

The next day John phoned and said that people had liked me and that I was welcome to come to the next party. ‘I think we really have found a submissive slut’ he said and ‘Perhaps next time we can make a film of you being fucked by several men, would you like that?’ and he made me say over the phone in my normal clothes, ‘yes, I would like you to film me being fucked by several men.’