Written by Jake

30 Mar 2006

More than 20 years ago I was the subject of a young girl’s fantasy. Marie was then 15, I was about 33 and, aware of the jeopardy in getting involved with a girl of that age, nothing happened. A few years later, after she’d moved to the South Coast, she contacted me and we made arrangements to meet. Marie was by now 19 and clearly still ready for it. After a few doorway fumbles we arranged to meet at an hotel in Swiss Cottage. I was waiting in the lobby with the key when she arrived wearing a very thin, translucent white skirt. She took the key and told me to follow her to the room in about ten minutes. When I reached the bedroom she had changed into a sheer, silk negligée, tied at the waist but open above and below. She had small breasts but big nipples which were firm and erect. Her bush of fair hair was brushed and looked as soft as down.

After some leisurely foreplay she said she wanted me inside her and lay back with her legs wide open. I lowered my cock to her cunt lips and began to push inside her. She was so tight and unfucked her cunt lips pulled my foreskin back, exposing the sensitive head of my cock. I could feel myself coming and since our sex was unprotected I pulled back despite her pleading to come inside her. We did everything we’d heard of to ease her cunt but frankly the day was a complete disaster from the sex point of view and apart from one meeting in a bar we never saw each other again. Shortly afterwards I heard that she’d married a man of about my age and settled down and started a family.

Move forward 20 years to last November. Out of the blue I received a call - from Marie. Although my wife was within earshot I managed to sound unconcerned and conveyed enough through innocent conversation to suggest Marie called back the following day when I knew my wife would be out.

After a couple of lunchtime meetings and petting sessions in my car, we agreed to go to an hotel so I booked a Travelodge in a nearby town. We checked in went to the room. For a moment we stood looking at each other. Marie was still as slim as ever. After a few moments embarrassed silence she moved in front of me and said “We came here to fuck didn’t we?”

“Of course,” I said.

“So take your clothes off and get me into bed.”

Romance and foreplay didn’t come into it. We lay down under the covers, our hands all over each other like sex-starved sailors on shore leave. Even though she’d had two children with her husband I didn’t want a repetition of the last time so asked if she’d like me to lick her. She nodded her answer and I sank between her legs. Marie’s cunt was soft and wet and to my relief, open and large. After some minutes kissing and licking her beautiful hole, I moved up and she opened her legs, wide, her ankles high in the air. I knelt between her legs and slowly rolled on a thin condom. She reached forward and took my cock, leading it to the lips of her cunt. “Now push. All the way, right up as far as it will go, in one long shove.”

I eased forward and my cock slipped into her engulfing cunt, forcing its way into the deepest recesses of her vagina. “God I’ve waited so long for this,” she said, “now fuck me, as hard and as a long and as rough as you can and then come inside me. Don’t take it out.”

“I don’t think that will take long,” I said, “I can’t make this one last.”

“It doesn’t matter, we can do it again, for now I just want you to fuck me, and to come in me, now, go on , fuck me hard please, please.”

Needless to say I didn’t last long at all, it would take a superman to do so under those circumstances, and within a few glorious moments of frantic fucking I shot my load, pumping my seed into the condom until I felt sure it would burst.

Fortunately it didn’t for neither of us can afford the consequences of even being found out leave alone getting Marie pregnant. Since then we’ve met fairly regularly and discovered ways of pleasuring each other. Marie’s married love life has been fairly conventional but with me she’s come to like oral including swallowing the lot, and, more recently, anal sex. The beauty of that is that because we have no other anal partners (my wife won’t hear of it) we do it bareback and she can go home with my spunk seeping out of her arse and into her panty pad for the rest of the day.