Written by Wolfman

19 Apr 2006


Having already related my Tube experience, the invitation to go top side for a coffee would give me a better opportunity to lean more about my thrill giver.

We left the station and proceeded over Euston Road and into Woburn Place then onto Russell Square where we entered a tiny café and sat down. The waitress took our order and shortly returned with two cappuccinos.

My companion introduced himself.

“I’m Gordon, my surname is not important but I can tell you I am a writer of some little success, mostly published in the States due to our strong censorship here”.

Naturally I was impressed as I sipped my coffee. I told him who I was and thanked him for the tube treat. He laughed.

“Don’t mention it, the pleasure was all my believe me”.

He slipped his hand into my crotch and hissed, “You have a fantastic cock that I would love to roll my tongue around”.

Then he smiled knowingly at me as my cock began to swell in my pants.

“My I can tell you’re a stayer, gosh just feel it pulsing under my hand”.

He quickly removed his hand when the waitress placed the bill on the table.

He paid the bill then leaning over me he said,

“Come, I want to feel your cock in my mouth”.

We left the café and walk down a side street and into a glass fronted building I realised when we entered was a Hotel. People were milling around, some humping luggage others just standing around. I continued to follow Gordon into a short alcove and through a door to find myself in the gents toilets.

These were not some ordinary toilets, they were built to impress their rich customers. The only two men around were standing side by side at the stalls that was immediately suspect in view that there must have been at least 20 stalls to choose from. The large built man was very flushed, the man with him was much younger and coloured. From the movement of the coloured guys shoulders he was tossing off the white guy.

In full view of them both we entered one of the 30 or so cubicles and locked the door. We both dropped our pants and I gasped in surprise to see Gordon was wearing black stockings and bright pink full cut panties against which the bulge of his cock began to grow. Without even touching myself my cock was very soon at its fullest strength. My whole body shuddered when his hand gently slipped around it and began to slowly tease my foreskin back and forth over the soon very wet head of my cock.

When he crouched before me I cried out when his lips slipped over the head of my cock sending a fantastic sensation through my body. Recovering and now enjoying the slow massaging of my cock by his lips I heard a cry from out side. At least one or both of them had just had an orgasm? I was starting to enjoy Gordon’s free hand stroking under my balls until it moved back and he inserted a finger into my arse hole. That did it for me. My spunk shot out of my cock like a bursting dam and I heard Gordon gulping it down and trying to catch his breath at the same time.

When the sensations in the head of my cock became too much I gently pushed him away. He looked up at me and said,

“Wow, that was fantastic. I think I could get used to the taste of you”.

He stood up and hooking his fingers into the waste band of his nylon panties he pushed them down then turned, leaned forward and whispered, “Feed me that monster”.

I took hold of my semi hard cock and attempted to jerk some stiffness into it without any luck.

“Don’t worry about that, just feed it into me”.

I took a look at his arse and noted he was well lubricated so I began to feed my cock into him. To my surprise and delight it began to slip in and judging from his soft sighs he was getting at much out of it as I was, for I felt my cock actually growing under this new sensation of warm slipperiness and I soon found myself fucking him hard with long strokes that made him cry out each time I almost pulled out of him.

Then suddenly his body gave one hell of a shudder and I felt a wetness striking my legs. He had cum, shooting all over my legs. The crotch of his panties was soaked and I assumed it was the over flow from here that I received my share?

I was now in a very high state of arousal and it took just four more strong thrusts to send what was left of my seed into his warm opening.

Parting we were both panting like heavy smokers. He was smiling at me then once he regained his composure he said,

“You were fantastic but I suspect this was your first time dealing with anal sex”?

Gordon and I left the toilets that were now deserted, at least at the urinals but I suspected there was some activity going on in some of the cubicles, a point Gordon made when we were back outside.

We went back to Russell Square and sat in one of the seats that were placed around the fenced in gardens. It was here that he related his early life to me and how he became a crossdresser with a passion for cock. I fear this is already too long so that will have to be another time?