Written by Kentish Man

8 Sep 2006

I’d read in a naturist beach guide that Camber Sands, while not an “official” beach, was frequented by naturists, at the far end near Rye Channel. Apparently it was common to come across nude people among the dunes. My kind of place! I’d planned to run the length of the beach, and to give a new pair of tanga style swimming trunks I’d bought their first outing. I managed to find a space in the car park in the shade of a tree – it was a scorching day for early September. As no one was near, I slipped out of my shorts and into the tanga. I hadn’t worn it before in public, and felt almost naked as I made my way up the sandy path towards the beach. I didn’t wear a shirt, just a towel draped over my shoulders, and got a few glances from those I passed. Not surprising, as the tanga consisted of a pouch at the front, just big enough to hold my balls and cock, and a tiny back section which barely covered my arse crack. There were no signs of any nudity as I walked along the top of the dunes, though there were one or two sunbathers in shorts and bikinis in the hollows amongst the dune grass. I was beginning to think the naturist guide had been mistaken by the time I reached Rye Channel. I could though, see a couple of heads appearing now and again a hundred yards or so back along the beach – maybe worth investigating. I went out onto the beach and began to walk back. The couple were right at the foot of the dunes, tucked into one of the hollows, which provided shelter from the wind. As I approached, all I could see until I was almost on top of them, were two pairs of brown legs. About ten feet away their nook came into view, and I saw they were indeed both nude. I tried not to gawp, but in my glance I took in that he looked to be in his early fifties, like myself, and she was maybe a few years younger. They were both laying in the classic sunbather’s position, on their backs, legs slightly apart. He was quite hairy, but she had no signs of any hair around her very “on show” pussy. They shuffled into a sitting position as I approached, and smiled as I greeted them.

“So it is ok to go nude down this end of the beach then?”

He explained that people were pretty tolerant, and that they’d been there all day without any complaints. Surprisingly it was the woman who said, “You’re getting almost as much sun on yourself as we are with that thong!”

“It’s first outing, actually they call it a tanga…”

“Oh yes? What’s the difference then?”

“Well thongs cover more at the front, but leave your bum more or less bare, and tangas are the other way around. I wasn’t sure I could get away with it here, I mean all the blokes seem to wear huge shorts these days, even for swimming!”

“I know”, agreed the man, ”crazy isn’t it, must be so uncomfortable.”

“Let’s see the back then”, requested the woman, and I obligingly did a little fashion model turn for them. “Oh that’s quite decent I think, but you do know your pubes are showing a bit at the front?”

He agreed, “Yes they are a bit, but I don’t think it matters Jill, I mean it’s covering the necessaries isn’t it?”

“Just about”, she giggled, and obviously feeling a bit more relaxed lay back, supporting herself by the elbows. She put her legs out again, and I glanced at her pussy as discretely as I could. She was fully shaven, nice prominent vagina lips, and a clitoris ring just above. Her nipples were pierced too, with quite large rings hanging from them.

“No pubes on view there though!” I indicated her pussy with my glance.

“Oh Stuart likes me clean shaven, don’t you?”

He laughed and to my surprise reached over and gave her clit ring a little tweak, “Well, wouldn’t be able to see all Jill’s precious ironmongery if it was all covered in hair, would we!”

This was getting rather saucy I thought.

“It’s quite a thing isn’t it, do you wear it all the time?” I asked

She put her own hand down to touch the ring now, “Yes I suppose I do really, last time it came out was when I went to the doctors for a check up…”

I laughed, “Not quite the thing eh…don’t you find you’re well...stimulated with it there all the time though?”

“Yes, I guess I am rather,” she smiled, very self-assured.

“You love it don’t you darling,” agreed Stuart, his fingers playing with the ring alongside her own, “Keeps you all randy for me doesn’t it Jill.”

By now of course my penis was straining at the pouch of my tanga, which Jill noticed.

“ You look a bit uncomfortable in your tanga down there.”

“Yeh,” chuckled Stuart, “in danger of bursting free by the looks of it!”

“Well if you’re not offended by erections I’ll let it burst free then?”

They both laughed and Jill reassured me, “You go right ahead, we’re very broad minded about that kind of thing.”

Stuart agreed, “Jill loves to see an appreciative male, don’t you love?” She nodded, watching as I pulled down the tanga and let my cock spring free.

“Oh yes,” said Jill approvingly, “That looks a bit more comfortable, now there’s two hard-ons on display!” She gave Stuart’s cock a little playful flip to make her point. He was now about as hard as I was. “I’ve never really had a good look at one of those rings before,” I said, “Would you mind if I took a closer look Jill? My name’s Liberty by the way.”

They reached out and shook my hand with “Pleased to meet you.” Then Jill opened her legs a little wider and said, ”Be my guest Liberty, I’m not the shy type…”

I laughed, “No I don’t think you are somehow!”

Stuart moved over beside her and invited, ”Come on, get down here and have a good look at it Liberty.”

I crouched down on my haunches in front of Jill and leant forward to look closely at her ring. “So is it actually through your clitoris then?”

“Yes, you see…” She lifted the ring with her fingers stretching her clitoris for my benefit.

Stuart, now gently masturbating, commented, “Gets bigger when you get excited doesn’t it?”

“Certainly does...” Then after a while, ”Getting a bit bigger now as it happens!” She began gently pulling and playing with her ring, and rubbing her labia. I was rock hard by now of course, and so was Stuart. “If Stu doesn’t mind, you can have a little feel if you want to,” She smiled at me almost coyly, and glanced, eyebrows raised, to Stuart for his approval.

“Fine by me love, you know I like your charms being appreciated, and Liberty certainly looks like he’s appreciating them big time…”

“Oh he is isn’t he, rather a splendid specimen you have there young man.”

I shuffled a little closer in front of Jill and reached out to take her clitoris ring between my fingers. The folds of skin below it were now glistening slightly, she was obviously quite aroused.

I very gently lifted the ring, and her clitoris, now visibly longer, was slightly stretched. “Does that feel good then Jill?” I asked.

“Mmm feels lovely, it’s ok, you can be a bit rougher if you like, just don’t pull it too hard!”

I began wiggling the ring to and fro, and Jill parted her legs even wider, and putting both her hands to her vagina, pulled and stretched her labia apart. The tunnel of her vagina, dark pink at the entrance was open to my gaze, a wide, inviting, dark hole.

After some minutes of this Stuart, whose wanking was now quite fast, said,

“I don’t know about you love, but I could do with a bit of sex on the beach?”

In answer she put her arm out to pull him towards her, and I moved out of the way to let him get to her. I lay beside Jill, my hand now on her breast, tweaking her nipple and its ring.

As Stuart knelt between her legs, his erection pointing to the sky, she took my hand in hers and guided it back to her ring, “It’s alright Liberty, don’t worry about touching Stuart, he’s quite bi actually.”

“Great,” I replied, somewhat breathlessly, “So am I!”

So I watched and felt as Jill played with Stuart’s hard penis, his glans just brushing her vagina lips. “That looks so fucking sexy,” I murmured.

“Feels fucking sexy too!”, laughed Stuart, and began slowly sliding into Jill. He was very controlled, but she bucked her hips up against him, my hand still at her clit ring. As they fucked he reached out and started stroking my penis. I tentatively nuzzled Jill’s breast, and then kissed her neck. I wasn’t sure if she’d be into kissing – we’d only just met after all! But as my lips brushed her cheek she turned to kiss me on the lips. This quickly became a full French kiss, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Stuart joined our kissing and the contrast between her smooth soft skin and his rough stubble was a delight. It was all tongues and slippery saliva lips. At length Stuart whispered, “Fancy trying both of us love?”

She immediately answered breathlessly, “Oh yes please.” Stuart managed to roll over so that he lay underneath Jill, without taking his penis out of her. Then she turned round, still keeping his cock in her cunt, until she was laying on her back on top of him. He fucked her vagina from the back, while I positioned myself in front of her again, then Jill reached out to put her hands behind my bum and pulled me towards her. They showed no signs of wanting to “change holes”, so I asked, “You think I’ll fit inside there too, Jill?”

“Well I’ve never done it before, but three kids have been through it so let’s give it a try eh?”

I lowered myself down as Jill guided my penis towards her vagina. Stuart paused in the fucking, and my glans made contact with the back of his penis, then Jill’s vagina lips. She held her cunt open with one hand while she eased my cock in above Stuart’s with the other. It was certainly very tight. “Oh that’s stretching me, hope it feels as good for you two as it does for me!” I pushed myself right into her cunt, my balls pressing against Stuart’s. We stayed like that a while, then Jill began to buck against us. Together Stuart and I started to fuck in synch, slowly at first, Jill making the rhythm.

She was giving little yelps of pleasure, and we blokes were fairly groaning too.

“Oh…boys…I haven’t got long to go…I’m going to explode!”

“You let us know when love, I’m sure we’re both ready to fill you with our spunky juices eh Liberty?”

“Bucketsful, I reckon!”

Jill’s heaving got much faster suddenly, and we stopped our thrusting so she could fuck us both. She started gasping, “Oh fuck…oh my God yes…oh yes that’s it…come on guys… fill me up with your stuff.”

And we both thrust our penises as hard as we could for a few strokes until we all came.

Slippy salty satisfied Mammals like on the Discovery Channel.