Written by Max & Chris

3 Feb 2006

Following Max's filling by the 3 of us te night before, we had a lay-in until around 11am... Max & I had gone to our own cabin, with a larger than Queen sized bed, with a mirror running right across above the head board, and another on the wall at the end of the bed, and Neil & Sam had gone to the spare cabin.

I woke first and just leaned on my elbow looking at my stunning wife who had fucked & sucked the 3 of us the night before... she still had dried cum in her hair, and I could see the sheen of dried cum on her face in the light. It was warm weather, and we were sleeping with just a sheet, which was following the lines of her body and I could clearly see the outline of her stunning tits. I wiped a couple of hairs back off of her forehead, gently, which was just enough to wake her... she looked up at me and smiled, and I continued to caress her brow, slowly working my finger down to her face, down her neck and slowly onto her chest, whilst pulling the sheet down with my foot, and finally my finger got to her titty... slowly I started to gently rub her nipple, which sprung to life, then the other, then I traced the center line of her body to her belly button, then back to her nipples. I said "you were a very naughty girl, last night" and she smiled and said "Ummmmm, was I good?" and I replied "Fucking Good!" all the time I was working my finger lower down her body, and was now teasing her clit, slowly I pushed my finger right into her, she was wet, very wet, which is hardly suprising after having 4 lots of cum depositited in there.

The texture inside her was different to if she was just turned on, it was much thicker, a bit like liquid soap, slowly I worked my finger in and out of her, then pushed in a second, then I pulled them out and started rubbing her lips with the juice, she licked her lips, tasting the deposits from the previous night then I slid both fingers right into her mouth, which she hungrily licked... not content with my fingers, she had pushed her own right into pussy, and whilst holding my fingers in her mouth, she placed her own in as well... she the pulled my fingers out, and started to finger feed herself for maybe 2 or 3 minutes... the sight was stunning, she was moaning with delight whilst cleaning her cunt out... then she started feeding me with her juice, the sight and taste was just too much for me, I had to lick that pussy - hard! As I pushed my tounge in and out of her a licking her clit hard she started to moan louder, grinding her hips to the motion of my tounge then she held my head pushing me harder onto her clit... I knew she was just about to orgasam... and god, did she scream!!

I got up from her and laid on my back... she was stright onto my cock sliding her wet pus up & down on it... the scream from her orgasam had woken Sam... he came out of his cabin to see what was going on... a see he did... Max pumping my cock for all she was worth... though the open cabin door... I could see him watching, but Max could not... he watched for a few minutes, with Max's motion getting faster... but now she was almost shouting "fuck me harder" repetedly... Sam was soon joined by Neil in the doorway... both quitely moved into the room behind Max and both went for a tit each, Max looked down at me and smiled for a few seconds, just before another orgasam ripped through her... the guy's were furiously kneeding her tits and carressing her back... slowly she lay down on top of me, with my cock still inside her, she murmured "I want all three cocks in me at the same time, 2 in my cunt and one in my mouth" she lifted her ass slightly into the air and looked behind her and said "who's coming in?" Neil was stright there... slowly pushing his cock into her, & joining me, slowly he started to pump in and out, and both of us then started to rythmicly fuck her, in the mean time Sam had climbed around us and decided the only way he could get his cock into her mouth was to squwat with his legs each side of my head...

He had his erect cock right in front of Max's mouth and his balls almost resting on my forhead, Max swallowed almost all of his cock in one go and proceed to mouth fuck him... I was inches away and watching your wife take a mouthful of cock, that closly, is an emense turn on, so there we were, 2 guy's fucking her pussy and 1 fucking her mouth... I suppose we were like this for 5 minutes, then Max had to take Sam's cock out to let out another scream as yet another orgasam hit her... then back in it went... Sam was the first to shoot... right into her mouth, but because of the angle she was at due to being sandwich fucking more came out of her mouth than she wanted and it dripped down onto my face & mouth, which I started licking.

Neil could'nt see what was happening, but all the slurping made him shoot... I could feel his hot load all over my balls and inside her... It was all to much and I let go as well... so there we were, Max with a mouthful & pussyful of other guys cum, and me with it on my face and all over my balls and arse. The guys all got off and Max rolled over with a big smile on her face and said " that was one hell of a breakfast!"

More Soon..... the afternoon, evening & night!