Written by Novice master

8 Jan 2007

As the heading suggests, most of you will think this is a figment of my imagination. I advertised as a master (only a novice) lots of women contacted me to chat and tell me about their desires and submissive sides. This day this woman wanted to do more than chat. We had chatted about sex and normal day to day subjects and found we got on well. We played a few tame cyber master/slave games. We arranged to meet in a famous town not far from where we live. At first it was going to be the standard..meet for a drink and see what happens, type of meet. Then I told her about a meeting I had with another lady where we had met and touched each others intimately without speaking or introducing our selves. My new submissive found that erotic, so I held my breath and made the suggestion. She agreed. On the day her ex husband and friends seemed to conspire to ensure the meet didn’t happen and I thought she was a time waster. Nothing could be further from the truth. We met in a car park, I could see her but she couldn’t see me. She phoned and I told her where to park, I waited until she was parked ( next to me) I phoned her again to see if she was ready as agreed. Stockings and suspenders high heels, thong pulled down to mid thigh, skirt hoisted to waist, shaved pussy. I walked to her door and she opened it with her eyes lowered as agreed...mmm more to follow if you want to know.