Written by jan

2 Dec 2003

those of you following my story will know what ive been up to

but personally i think ive turned into a nymph i cant get enough sex just now ,last night my man was at the pub and i was to go down and get him when i finished,after locking up i started to walk the road ,when i got to the pub my man had been and gone suffering from a headache i was told so i thought im here i may as well have a drink.one of the regulaars who pops in for a drink each night asked were my man was and when i said up home with a headache became very talkitive and paying me compliments galore and plying me with drink. geff is 53 and very touchy old man and its had been quite a few years since his wife died and i felt sorry for him staying alone in his big house,anyway after a few drinks i told geff i had to go but he insisted he run me up home as it was a dark road,i agreed and of we went ,the roads were very dark and you couldnt see even in the car but what i wasnt prepared for is while driving feeling geffs hand slide up my skirt all the way to my knickers, i could have stopped him but dont know if it was because i felt sorry for him or i was just plain horny i felt myself parting my legs for his fingers to go into my knickers and play with my already wet cunt.he stopped the car at a passing point and unbuttened his trousers and guided my head down to his erect cock it tasted lovely after 10mins he started to moan and tell me to take all his spunk in my mouth and telling me i was a young dirty slut, this made me go faster and he shot gallons down my throat,i thought that would be him satisfied for an older man but was i wrong ,he removed his trousers and got out the car and came to my side opened the door and lay me across the 2 seats with my arse in the iar and rammed his erect cock again into my soaking pussy ramming it deep inside me while a hand was playing with my clit,it wasnt long before i came and i felt him take his cock out which i thought it was bye but he rammed it up my arse ,i was a bit shock but he told me to relax and when i did i started to love it ,so much i had 4 fingers of my own up my pussy, he started to say he was going to come up my loely young tight arse end within seconds i felt his hot spunk up my arse and i orgasmed again. we cleaned up and he drove me home and im asking myself why have i missed out on all these years on great sex when its right on my doorstep, but im going to make up for it now. watch this space lol

lots of love to geff