Written by mike

13 Jul 2004

I met her where I used to work, she had brought a dvd back late and I phoned her number to ask if she was going to bring it back (well that was the plan) within 10 min id asked her out for a meal. she was a very nice black lady called Emma who came with a slim body with large tits and a firm curvy ass with long black hair, id agreed to pick her up from her place, and arrived on time my car all shiny and clean.

I went up to her flat a was greeted by a woman who would make people look round like they had just been slapped round the face!!!

she invited me in while she was getting ready and made me a drink (coke). within a few min she came into her lounge wearing a short cut strapless dress thigh high boots and a small leather jacket. well after putting my tongue back in my mouth and after mopping her floor, She said ready lets go.

we jumped into my car and put some music on but before we pulled off she gave me a long kiss on my lips which turned into a full on snog with tongues!! so with the way the date had started I was wondering what to expect, we got to our destination and went and had our meal (pizza hut she picked) then we

went to the cinema to see a film, and this is where the fun started.

we went straight to the back and started to watch the film, so after a while I felt her hands round my waist and she hugged me, and then a bit later her hand moved just above my groin it stayed there for about min then a while later she began to rub me in'till she had my hard cock through my trousers. before I knew what was happening she had my fly's down and cock in her mouth licking the precum from my very hard member. she spent the next 10 min giving me a fantastic blowjob intill I couldn't hold on more and let go, she swallowed the lot and was still sucking me for 5 min after like IM a cherry lolly, she put me away and zipped me back up and then had a sip of her drink, we sat there and finished watching the movie in silence.

I took her home, and she invited me to come up for a drink, she sat me on the couch and got me a did with coke (her favourite drink and mine)I finished mine before her and she looked over and said "we cant have that" and downed hers and then kissed me and transferred the drink in to my mouth.

well with that she wasted no time in dragging me into her bedroom, we shed our clothes in record time but she left her boots on!!! we fucked in all positions and enjoyed each others bodies she gave me another blowjob and I moved her into a 69 position I spent ages playing with her pussy lips and clit she moaned and sucked harder when I got her g spot with my fingers.we came together and I thought she has had her way with me all night my turn!

I moved behind her and getting her in a doggie position I ramed my cock into her still wet pussy, I built up a steady rhythm and had my hands playing with her tits and pulling her hair about 15min later she had come and was moaning with pleasure. but I had to stop as I was going to cum myself, she needed no prompting and stuck her mouth round me again and suck for all her worth I had cum buckets

earlier but this time I gushed cum she swallowed it all licking her lips, we kissed and hugged and fell to sleep together.

in the morning Emma woke me up by kissing me on the lips and sticking her tongue down my trough, she then pulled the covers off and gave me another blowjob sticking her finger up my ass at one point, I did not last long and once again she swallowed the lot, after this I had to sleep again. Emma woke me up a while later and said time to go home now young man, I dressed kissed her on the lips and drove home thinking of her.

I saw her about a week later (we had been texting each other every day)and said how are you young man, and asked if her daughter had look after me while she had gone out!!!it turns out it wasn't Emma who gave me that last bj but her 22 year old daughter!!!