Written by Travelbird

29 Sep 2016

Now the day started off quite normally. I was due to have and MRI scan at our regional hospital, a skiing accident some years ago. As it was some distance away we decided to make a day of, so I chose a nice dress, pretty undies and black patent heels.

The appointment was at 1-30 pm, so we had a quick lunch and then went to the MRI dept.

That was where things started to go awry, the proper scanners were being refurbished, so two temporary artic lorry style units were on site, the unit was quite busy, and as I later found the usual changing facilities were not available, plus both staff in the scanner area were male one in his thirties the other mid fifties, this was because it was a saturday apparently.

I was called through and into a small office area with the older chap who actually was very attentive.

We ran through the procedure and he asked if I had anything metal on me. He said I presume your bra has metal fastenings and that would need removing. Then he asked if there was anything else, obviously I was quite embarrassed, as it hadnt occurred to me about my stockings.

So muttered something about wearing suspenders, he made a note, then asked if they were metal, I confirmed that they were, and to my surprise he said let me just check, you might be ok with them on. He made no move but just looked at me, I was so shocked that I simply complied and lifted the hem of my dress above my stocking tops, he looked at my six strap belt and actually felt one of the clips, he then said that will have to come off, will your stockings fall down without it.

I obviously said yes, which led him to say they had better come off as well. His final comment shocked me even more, when he said i assume you are wearing knickers. I didnt even respond to this, just looked at the floor.

I was behaving like a schoolgirl without a mind of my own, and found myself complying with the guy totally.

He said he would get me a gown, returning shortly with a quite short gown open at the back,he mentioned it was a young persons gown, he thought it would be better as I was very slim and petite.

He showed me into another small area like an open pool cubicle, where I undressed down to my panties, which I was now regretting were sheer, there was no locker just a bench where I left my clothes.

After about 5 mins he came back, and escorted me along a corridor which went passed the reception waiting area, I didnt think but obviously my rear was on display to everyone there. I was burning with embarrassment.

In the scanner room, I met the younger guy, he was the radiologist, he again was very polite and attentive. He made some comment about making me look more decent and attempted to pull the rear together , but he could not as it was too small, and looked like a mini skirt on me.

It was while he was doing this, that he obviously saw my sheer black panties, which had a motif on the back , a little pink bow, with what he thought was a metal centre.

He was insistent and said that they had to come off, so while he held my gown apart I had to take down my panties, it was tricky as I was still wearing my heels, as I didnt want to walk on the cold floor.

I handed them to him, he set me down on the sliding platform in the scanner, and with the other guy offered to take my shoes off for me, which they both did at the same time, this of course moved my legs apart, allowing them a very good view of my trimmed pussy. I was beyond caring. I just wanted it over and to get out. I have never felt so humiliated.

Scan over, the older chap, took me back , but my clothes he said head been locked in cupboard for safety, the problem was this was in the reception area at one end. I followed my gown gaping , the cupboard area was within earshot of both the receptionist and the remaining people in the waiting area.

I just tried to ignore my burning cheeks, but to make things worse, he passed my clothes an item at a time, naming them as he did, as if doing a stock check. It went along the lines of, Dress, Bra, suspender belt, a six strap dont see those that often, stockings, and not to forget panties, those are very small hardly worth wearing are they. I grabbed them and clicked back down the corridor in my heels.

I was panicked and just wanted to get out of the place, It was just as I sorted my clothes that I realised my panties were sticky on the front, unmistakeably it was cum, someone had come over them, and one of my stockings, and not cleaned it up very well.

I was so edgy that I didnt do up all my suspenders, only the front ones, I didnt realise that they had played with these as well, they had loosened the straps so they were full length.

This meant that by the time I had negotiated two staircases and got back to reception, where I was told to sit, my stockings had stretched the straps so that both tops and suspenders were visible, to all.

The rather manly receptionist actually saying it looks like the boys have been having fun again.

Follow up arranged I ran to my car, and after calming down and arranging myself. I drive into town, very aware that I was in some cum stained knickers, which still felt sticky.

A visit to M&S , a new pair bought, the soiled ones in my handbag. The day did get better.