Written by jonboy85

15 Oct 2013

Unexpected pleasure 2

The next few days were a little awkward we didn’t discuss it anymore and no more hot sex I was a bit confused and worried I loved the woman and I think she loved me but this was a lot to handle. We went out for dinner with friends on the following Saturday we had a good time both had a few drinks and we were relaxed and both of us felt comfortable. I broke out a scotch for myself and a g and t for Rosie and we sat together on the couch and just snuggled up. I knew I had to raise the subject of what had transpired but I wanted to be subtle and caring.

“are you ok darling you not unhappy are you?” she took a moment “of course not I am just concerned we are playing with something here which is truly exciting but dangerous, I just want us to be ok with it that’s all” I kissed her and we both relaxed, I wanted to make love to her right then and we both were in the right mood.

We enjoyed fully clothed love making and being a bit frantic with each other she was a perfect tease and I loved it. She was wearing a nice button down dress with a low cut top and I was slowly kissing and licking her tits over the top. I knew what she liked and I just pulled the front of her bra down and nuzzled and licked her nipples. She was rubbing me and I soon had her skirt around her waist her tight silky panties just right for stroking.

“Ohh darling yess touch me there I love that it makes me so wet and tingly” I was pressing her panties into her juicy cunt she was soaking and making all the right noises. I pulled them to one side and was getting my cock out when she stopped me “ please lick me darling I want to feel your tongue make me cumm please” who was I to refuse she smelt fantastic and soo juicy my tongue found her lips and the bud of her clit she pulled me in. “ ohhhh darling yesss do that just there I love that so much” I don’t know what the hell made me say it but it just came out “I bet old Ron would love this” she shuddered and pressed me closer “ ohh he would I just know it, would you like that darling watching him lick my pussy” That was the new marker I had stepped over a line. It was like a trigger I just couldn’t help myself “yess I would god I need to fuck you now”

“ohh yes please fuck your little slut tell me what you want me to do darling I will do anything you ask I promise please lets be bad together lets share our dirty randy little secret”

How do these things happen it was amazing we both came together screaming obscenities me calling her my little whore wife and her begging me to shoot hot spunk up her juicy cunt.

I think we were both a bit breathless and also a little shocked at the lust that had arisen from our new adventure. Rosie was incredibly sexy for the next few days I didn’t hear any more of her adventures but we were both exploring this together.

I came home from work middle of the week to find Rosie getting dinner in her work clothes nice blouse black skirt and 3” heels she did look truly delicious. We had a hello kiss and the usual banter before our meal very relaxed and ordinary. We finished our meal and Rosie said ”make me a drink darling I have got something to tell you” all this said with a very sexy smile “I do hope you are feeling horny darling I am just soo randy tonight and I think you know why” So we were moving on where have we got too now I wondered. I was instantly hard this really was floating my boat; I think I felt a little ashamed but I couldn’t help it, it was just so erotic here was my wife with my encouragement encouraging a man old enough to be her father to be intimate with her. My brain was racing I just had to know what had happened.

Rosie suggested we get ourselves comfortable and relaxed and she promised I would enjoy her new experience.

“well darling I wore this to work today because after the last time I knew he we would be after me and darling I couldn’t wait I was soo horny when I was getting dressed this morning and I wore my favourite stockings and the pink silky panties I know you love me in” I had my arm around her and she was snuggled into me, this was going to get very sexy I knew and I couldn’t wait.

“I haven’t changed darling since I came home so you can see how horny and wet he made me I am soo sticky you will love it” she pulled her skirt up and I could see the damp crotch of her panties she looked incredible. Her voice changed “you do like this don’t you darling” I just kissed her neck and said “stop teasing me what happened”

“Ok you nasty randy man do you want to touch me while I tell you” she quickly got her answer my fingers were rubbing the smooth silky crotch of her panties I could feel how wet and ready she was.

“I got to work a little early and just after I parked Ron came over as I was getting out of the car, I just couldn’t help it I swung my legs out and made sure her could see my stockings and panties. I could see his face it was a picture I knew I was in for a very good day”

“I tried hard to be good” she giggled but I couldn’t help it every chance I got I let him get a look up my skirt, and sure enough just before lunch he asked me to check some figures with him” I was getting really uncomfortable and my cock was aching “get it out darling let me see how excited you are” I didn’t need asking twice. “oh my word I am making you hard sweety I am glad you like me being so naughty” that was a bloody understatement! “please darling tell me”

“Ok you are soo impatient so there I am standing beside him talking about this new accounts system while his hand is stroking the tops of my stockings and pushing and stroking my panties into me god I love it just so amazing I looked down but he didn’t have his cock out I could see it was hard but I didn’t try to touch him, I was struggling not to cumm there and then when he suddenly stopped, I was so disappointed I wanted to play with him is that bad or what” So was I what was going on how come she was so hot if that was it. “so what happened” I asked she kissed me and said “you are going to love this”

just before lunch he calmly says “Rosie can you come to Bardon to the bank at lunch time, I need you to sign some papers” This was a change what the hell happened you can imagine where my mind was racing to. “so did you go”? I asked “I had to darling it is my job” but what is this job entailing now.

“I got into his car we chatted normally all the way there no mention of our sexy play nothing” I was wondering what was going to happen I was nervous but excited” that made two of us.

“so what happened?”

“oh darling just keep touching me there and I will tell you, we quickly got our business done at the bank and on our way back he suggested we stop of near the lake as we had plenty of time, I agreed readily and he knew a nice secluded spot to park. I just sat there we didn’t say anything but his hand went onto my leg I didn’t move I just watched as he slid his hand higher I just stared straight ahead and of course his fingers got to where yours are now”

She was slowly stroking my cock and both of us were getting very close “please don’t lets cum yet darling I want to finish my story” I mumbled something unintelligible but mainly get on with it.

“I was getting so wet and he knew just where to touch it was so amazing two people just sitting there saying nothing while he is playing with my pussy and getting me soo hot. I just opened my legs and let him have all of me I could feel his fingers at the edge of my panties and he pulled them across and he slid his finger in I just came I couldn’t help it darling it was too much.” I bloody near came at the same time but clever girl just squeezed and giggled “not yet”

Rosie continued “I just sat there my skirt around my waist my legs laying open and just gasping for breath I could feel him moving about and he asked if I was ok I just nodded I didn’t know what to say it’s not easy starting a conversation after that”

“after a couple of minutes he was sitting there with his cock in his hand he was touching my leg and stroking his cock at the same time he took my hand and pulled it towards him I didn’t hesitate I just wrapped my fingers round it and started to stroke him he stopped me for a moment and gave me a condom I was amazed I just rolled it on and kept stroking for the first time he said something “just so I don’t make a mess” it’s ok I said I could tell he was getting close “open your top so I can see” he was moving against my hand I just undid my buttons and he put his hand onto me feeling me through my bra. I really wanted him to cumm so I pulled my bra down so he could touch my nipples he was soo excited he started to moan “god you are incredible I want this so bad”

“I just wanted him to spunk for me I started talking to him telling him how randy he made me how much I wanted to see him cumm how he was my dirty old man treating me like a little slut” that did it he just jerked forward pushing his cock through my hand he sort of fucked my hand and I could feel his cock pulsing god he came so much I kept thinking the rubber would burst” he just fell back gasping and I think I came again a little too”

“my god you horny bitch” I just pulled her panties to one side and slid my cock in I had to fuck her she was loving it “oh yess darling make me cumm fill me with your hot spunk I have been so bad and naughty I know” it was furious rough sex and it didn’t last long but the sensation was incredible. We lay together “god darling that was so good I love you so much, I am so glad we can share this” I wasn’t entirely sure of where this was going but I had a fair idea and wherever went on I was hooked.