Written by RedDevil

15 Jun 2006

Thanks to everyone who wrote following my last episode with Carol. As our affair carried on the sex got more raunchy and ended up with us taking risks.

About 2 weeks after the night in the hotel I had to travel up to Scotland on business and Carol joined me.

It was a hot day and as Carol got into the car her skirt rode up and I noticed she was wearing my favourite, lace top hold up stockings. She saw the look on my face and smiled, wait til later she whispered into my ear while gently stroking my thigh.

The journey took about 3 hours and we were constantly held up by various road works. Carol was dozing beside me so I decided to try my luck.

I put my left hand on her knee and squeezed gently, she shifted in her seat to get more comfortable but her eyes stayed closed.

I moved my hand upwards until I reached her stocking tops and then bare skin. I then touched her pussy, her beautiful shaved pussy. Oh god!! She had finally done it for me, we had talked about it before and she had always teased me saying “maybe sometime”. And she had left off her knickers.

I gently probed her pussy feeling her wetness and her juices running down her thighs.

I pushed one then two fingers inside her, her lips opened and I slid deep inside her as she sucked me in. I pulled my fingers out and felt for her clit. It was engorged and standing out like a small button.

She gave a little moan and licked her lips but didn’t move. I caressed her clit moving my finger round and round and flicking the tip. Her legs opened and all of a sudden her body clenched and starting shaking all over. Her legs snapped shut trapping my fingers on her clit. Eventually the movements subsided, she opened her eyes, smiled at me and said “I bet you enjoyed that, now its my turn”.

The traffic was moving slowly but that didn’t stop her. She reached over and started caressing my cock through my trousers feeling it grow rock hard with her movements.

She unzipped me, reached in and pulled it out and then immediately lowered her head and enveloped my cock in her warm mouth. I looked round to see if anyone was watching but nobody was paying any attention, or so I thought.

Carol’s head was moving up and down, slowly coating my cock with her saliva and flicking the tip with her tongue. I pushed her head further down until I’m sure she was gagging but she never complained. Her movements grew faster and faster until I could feel that familiar tingling and groaned. I held her head down and exploded down her throat. She swallowed every drop except for some that dribbled down the side of her mouth to her chin. I had never cum so much before. She sat up, used her fingers to scoop up the remaining white liquid and smiled. At that point, a lorry horn honked right beside us, the driver had watched the whole show. Carol turned round, showed him her fingers with my cum on them, putting them in to her mouth and licking off every drop, blew him a kiss. She had turned into a total exhibitionist for me and I loved it. The driver held up his right hand and showed it was covered in his cum. He shouted down “thanks for the show”. Unfortunately the traffic started moving and we had to leave our new friend behind.

More adventures to follow.