Written by Simon

2 Feb 2005

This all happened a long time ago, when I was at Uni in Newcastle. My long-term girlfriend of the time, Becky, lived in Nottingham.

Becky and I had often fantasised together about the possibility of getting another man to shag her, and she was well up for it, even having spoken about a gangbang at one stage. But we’d never had the courage to really do anything about it, and it was in the days before people were really into the internet.

However, my best mate Duncan and I went down to Notts one weekend and we were staying at Becky’s house.

I’ve not seen her for a long time, but back then Becky was very good looking with nice tits and a tidy body, she had one of her nipples pierced. She also had a really fit mate called Rhian, and the two of them always knocked around together. I’d suggested to Dunc that he might get a shag out of Rhian if he played his cards right and we all went out clubbing together on the Saturday night.

While we were out it became clear that Dunc was not Rhian’s type and it looked as though his luck was out on that front. I told him that if he was desperate for a shag he could always shag Becky.

“But she’s your bird” he kept saying.

“I don’t mind if you don’t mind” I replied.

Anyway the conversation ended there and I thought that nothing would come of it that night.

When we got back in the early hours, Dunc went to sleep in the living room while me and Becky got down to some shagging in her bedroom. I whispered to her about what me and Dunc had been talking about and asked whether I should go next door and ask him to join us.

Becky said to check first whether she had two condoms, which told me she was up for him fucking her. I checked and bingo, there were two!

So I went next door and once again asked Dunc if he fancied shagging Becky. He said he was up for it, but that it was my girlfriend.

I said not to worry and went into the bedroom, leaving the door open. After a couple of minutes he walked in to find me shagging Becky from behind He walked around the bed to the other side.

Becky said “Have you come to join us” and moved over so that he could start feeling her tits.

This went on for a while, Dunc was clearly nervous, and so were we, having never done anything like this. I was rock hard, watching my best mate fondling my girls’ breasts. She then moved up and knelt on the bed, giving him a full snog whilst his fingers snaked their way down to her sopping pussy. He slowly started to finger her, moving them in and out as she began to quietly moan.

She then began to fondle his cock through his boxershorts and then released the end so that she could gently wank him. All the time I was watching and she began to ignore the fact I was there and get into Dunc’s cock.

It wasn’t long before she was down and slurping all over it. I watched my girls’ head bobbing up and down as she took his full length in her mouth. It was incredibly erotic and she clearly wanted it desperately. After a good five minutes of sucking, Dunc shot his load and she swallowed the whole lot, something she’d not done many times to me.

Becky then said ‘thankyou Duncan’ as he walked out, and the only sad thing about the night was that he didn’t get to give her the good fucking she really wanted.

A few months later and we’d split up, due to the distance between the two cities. So I never got to see the spitroasting I knew she desperately craved. Wonder if she did it later in life?