Written by VFertile1

30 Nov 2006

This is a true story, and this happened some years ago.

Louise moved into the flat at the beginning of the year with her small daughter. She’s five foot eight inches tall, with light brown hair and a slim, shapely body. She seemed quite friendly and soon we became good friends.

Over the next few months, I found out than she didn’t have a man in her life, and had not had one for quite some time. As we sat chatting I suggested that I should put the kettle on while she got dressed as it was getting on for 10am.

I got into the kitchen and found everything except the cups, so I knocked on her bedroom door to find out where they were. Louise opened the door wearing just the smallest pair of tight thin black knickers you’ve ever seen! I was just about to ask where the cups were but my eyes followed her hand as she rubbed the front of her knickers, pushing the thin material between the lips of her pussy.

“Have you lost something?” asked Louise.

“Err… yes, but I don’t think it matters now,” I replied.

“Well, if it doesn’t matter you can give me a hand.” She said looking at the bulge growing in my trousers. I moved on into her bedroom, pushed the door to and as it shut Louise moved up and close to my body, pushing my growing cock into her stomach.

“I haven’t felt one of these for a while,” she said as she un-zipped my trousers. As Louise took hold of my cock, I lowered my mouth onto her pert tits, sucking each nipple in turn, making them stiff and hard. Louise started to moan as I caresser and sucked on her tits.

Louise had worked my cock free and was now wanking my cock as she undid my trousers and pushed them to the floor.

“God, I need a good fucking” said Louise, sliding her tongue down my neck, pulling my shirt open and lowering her mouth towards my now glistening cock. As she reached my navel, I could feel her breath flowing over the tip of my cock, making it twitch in her hand. Then, I felt her cool lips as they encased my shaft, I let out a deep groan of pleasure as she tasted my pre-cum. It did not take her long to bring me off, making me shoot my load down her throat. Louise then stood up and pushed her tongue into my mouth, letting me taste her work.

“That will make you last longer,” she said as she turned me round and pushed me onto her bed. Louise took off her knickers, revealing her almost-shaven pussy, there was just a thin line of hair at the top of her quim. Louise got on the bed, sat on my face and told me to lick her till she had come. She smelled and tasted so sweet that I did not want her to come for a long time as my tongue darted in and out and my lips sucked on her inner and outer lips. After a few minutes, she was grinding her quim down hard on my mouth and I could feel her orgasm rising through her body. Louise exploded, covering my face with her warm juices as she wiggled on my mouth. I flicked my tongue over her button, making her have another orgasm, before she rolled off and cleaned my face with her tongue as we explored each other’s mouths.

My cock was soon like an iron bar once more Louise guided it towards her hungry pussy. We started fucking on the bed but Louise wanted to get me in as deep as possible, so we ended up standing in front of her dresser. As she leaned forward, I fucked her from behind watching ourselves in two mirrors. Louise could see my balls as they slapped against her buttocks. She was pushing back on my cock as my balls slapped her arse and her hand kept sliding down and she was rubbing her pussy. I put my hand down and took over frigging her button as I felt her knees start to tremble and her pussy tighten. I knew she was about to come again soon.

I pulled my cock out, turned her round and sat her on the edge of the dresser, taking the weight off her legs. Louise wrapped them around me and pulled me in closer as she climaxed. Her juices flowed over my cock and, as we squelched, they started to run down her pussy towards her arse. I took my cock out and pulled her thighs as far apart as possible as I buried my face into her hot, sticky pussy. As I licked her swollen lips, Louise pulled me off her pussy, saying “I want to feel your cock in me so FUCK ME!” She pushed me on the bed as I stood up and I fell on the bed on my back with my cock standing to attention, ready for her.

Louise got back on the bed. This time, she was on top and she squatted over my cock and sat back on it, taking it all into her very wet hole. It did not take long before I felt my orgasm start to rise and as I shot my second load this time into her unprotected pussy, she had her third orgasm.

As we lay on the bed, we heard the front door to the flats open.

“Shit, that must be my other half” I said to Louise.

My wife called out to me.

“I’m upstairs giving Louise some help, I’ll be down in five minutes,” I shouted as we both flew around the bed, finding our clothes.

After that Louise was then expecting her second child. We got together a couple of times a week and fuck, and its our little secret as to the identity of the father as no one knows that we get it on together.