Written by John, Julie and Jim

15 Jan 2005

Julie posed in the doorway. She was wearing the short dress I had bought her earlier that day in Manchester. It clung to her curves, allowing her nipples to make themselves obvious through the slinky, semi-transparent material. The dress was tight and short, oh so short, and even as she walked round the room it rode up her thighs even higher.

Julie was giving men and her man Jim a glimpse of what was to come later that night. You will remember, if you read the first part of my story, that Julie had answered my advert for an uninhibited exhibitionist lady to accompany me on a boating holiday. I had promised to buy her some sexy clothes and take her out for a meal while we got to know each other. She brought along her partner Jim, who now suggested that she try on the the other outfit. While she went to change, Jim told me we were going to drive over to Macclesfield to an intimate restaurant he knew.

Julie reappeared in a see-through lacey blouse and micro mini skirt. Remember this was Julie who had appeared on the shop floor in these outfits when she tried them on in the store, so going out in virtually nothing was only a turn on for her. She had promised to do anything I wanted, anywhere at anytime. And right now I could not wait to take her out to for our meal adventure. We decided she should go in the slinky dress, so she went to put on some make up... but no bra and no panties! On the way to the restaurant we stopped at a pub for a pre-meal drink. When Julie got out of the car her dress had already ridden up almost over her bottom, but she did not pull it down. She took my hand and we walked into the bar with her pussy only a hairsbeadth away from being revealed in all its blonde glory. Jim knew that the bar was L-shaped and we went around the short side, slightly away from the full gaze of the few regulars who were drinking their ale. As we stood at the bar, I slipped my hand under the hem of Julie's dress and began stroking her gorgeous bum. She wriggled in response, and encouraged, I slid my had between her cheeks until I fel her wetness on my probing fingers. I turned her round to face me as the barmaid brought our drinks. Jim, standing alongside us, engaged the barmaid in chat while I slid my hand under Julie's dress again and began to tease her cunt. She shuddered as my fingers began to wank her clit. I lifted her hem even high, so her pussy was in full view now. Dropping on to one knee, I began to probe her delicate parts with my tongue until she was panting quite hard. Her nipples stood out as if they were going to burst through the thin material. She looked down at me and smiled and pushed her pussy into my face. With my tongue working overtime, she quickly came to a shuddering climax, trying desperately not to cry out. I got up to kiss her and she moaned in my ear. Jim was still talking to the barmaid and wishing he could do the same to her. Julie had promised he would never interfere with what we did and he kept his word. We talked with the barmaid and Jim for a while before a couple came in and stood along the other leg of the L-shaped bar. Jim nodded towards them adn they acjknowledged back. Then I fel Julie's hand begin to run my trousers. My cock was still rock hard from the excitement of making her come. She quickly slid down my zip and put her hand inside and her nimble fingers began to tease my cock. She slid it out into the open, as she watched the coulple taking their drinks from the barmaid. They looked as though they were going to head our way, and Julie's hand began to wank me furiously. I knew I was only seconds away from coming. the couple stopped when the barmaid brought their change and they began to talk to her. Julie lifted her gin and tonic from the bar, then dropped to her knees below the bar and urgently began to suck my dick. I tapped her on the shoulder as I felt myself about to come and she grabbed my cock again, wanking it off into her glass. My spunk shot into her gin and tonic and down the side of the glass. She got to her feet, said Cheers to Jim and quickly down the gin, tonic and spunk cocktail. We finished out drinks, tidied ourselves and left the bar for the restaurant. It was a fantastic meal. To start with, when he got out of the car in the car park Julie again looked a picture in the short dress and by the time we had got into the restaurant the hem was again riding high up her thighs. It was a two-floor restaurant and we had to wait in the downstairs restaurant until our upstairs table was ready. The diners were fascinated by her long legs, and at least the men gave her admiring glances when we went up the stairs and that glorious naked bottom was just about visible. There were only a few people on the top floor and we sat at a table opposite a young couple and the girl could not take her eyes off Julie. I teased Julies tits and slid her dress up her thighs as far as possible, then got my fingers to work again between her legs. She responded by getting my cock out and wanking me gently under the tablecloth. As we were finishing out dessert Julie began to rub me harder, looked around the room to make sure she had the attention of the woman opposite, then ducked down into my lap to suck my raging erection. She reached for her spoon and as I shot my spunk she scooped it up on the spoon, sat up to see the woman looking wide eyed at her, and deliberately showed her the spoon's sticky white contents before putting it in her mouth and slurping it down. On the way back from the restaurant, with Jim driving and Julie and I in the back seat, I quickly took off her dress, revealing her in all her nakedness to anyone who happened to look in the car. She loved to be nude in the car, and later when we went on holiday, this happened quite a lot. On this night, however, as we drove back to Stockport, only a few people got to see her - when we had to stop at crossings or traffic lights and when Jim deliberately pulled up alongside a double deck bus. Once again I licked and sucked her cunt bring her to noisy climaxes twice before we arrived at their home... and went to bed. Next time I will tell about our trip to the Norfolk Broads.