Written by Jane

24 Jun 2006


This is a true story of what happene a few weeks ago. Im 29 female with nice tits and a passion for cock.

I put an ad in a contact mag for a gangbang and got loads of replies, I decided to go with Chris and his group, Chris and his mates were aboutthe same age and black with a lovely cocks ranging in size and thickness. I arranged to go to Chris's house dressed in knee high black boots, tight t-shirt, short skirt and no knickers just as he asked.

I knocked ont the door and Chris answered in a dressing gown and a video camera, he led me to the lounge where 4 of his mates were already wanking their cocks. Chris pushed me to my knees before i had chance to speak and told me to start sucking their cocks which i did like a bitch on heat. I sucked for ages before one of them got behind and pushed his cock into my pussy without warning and without a condom. The lad started to pound my cunt with Chris shouting for him to fuck me harder all the time videoing it. I soon came and so did the lad only to be replaced by another cock which started to pump my sopping wet pussy. All 4 of them took it in turns to fuck me and them have me clean the cum of their cocks with my mouth before Chris handing the camera to another lad and pulled out his cock, he pulled my head around and pushed his cock into my mouth and tried to push it down my throat but it was to big, after a few minutes he pushed me onto the sofa and started to finger my areshole, he then produced a tub of flora butter and smothered it over his cock and started to push it slowly into my bum. The pain at first was bad but it some went to be replaced by lust as he fucked my arse. As he was fucking me the other lads pushed their cocks into my mouth and one by one came for third and fourth times which I swallowed eagerly. Chris started to grunt and pumped what felt like a gallon of creamy cum up my bum, when he pulled his cock out i felt empty but could take no more.

All the lads said I was a great slut and thanked me and that would have to come back. I cleaned myself up and left with a mouth, throat, pussy and arse full of strange black mens cum and i loved every minute of it