Written by Wonderpants

2 Feb 2010

Her trembling hand reached out and she placed it on the rippling abs, feeling them move to her touch, she then raked her nails down them towards the waist band of his torn briefs, she tugged at it tentatively pulling them away from his hard groin, this slight adjustment of the ripped white Jockey briefs was enough for his hardening cock to shift position, snaking upwards so that the big head sprang into view above the waste band.

She just stared at it for a few seconds, saliva filling her mouth in anticipation but then she stood and took off her top, unhooked her bra and let her wonderful tits free.

She walked to the end of the bed so that she was looking down at his face, his mop of hair brushing and mingling with the trimmed bush surrounding her cunt, she bent to kiss him, still able to taste herself on his mouth. As they kissed she reached her arms out and groped his smooth muscular chest, pinching his nipples fiercely and digging her finger nails into the thick muscles.

Her own huge nipples throbbed as she broke off the kiss and fed her right tit into his mouth for him to hungrily suck and chew on, making her moan with the horny delight of it. She pulled it away and allowed him to do the same with her left breast, he sucked and slurped at it like a baby taking it’s first drink.

She climbed onto the bed, tucking her legs under his arms so that she hovered over his face, her legs were spread wide, so that had he not been blind folded, he would have had the perfect view of her raw wet pussy and tight ass hole.

She slowly lowered herself towards his face, he arched his neck to try to crane his head up to to reach her and the tip of his tongue just lapped at her lips before she rose a few inches, just keeping out of reach for a few seconds longer before she gave into her own wanton desires and sunk herself down, grinding onto his face.

His nose went into her pussy and his mouth engulfed her clit as she squirmed and twisted on him with her full weight before shifted position so that he could take a breath. She held herself like this and he expertly licked her out, plunging his tongue in deeply, working her clit, and lapping her dripping cunt juices from her swollen lips, before moving onto her ass hole, where he had no inhibitions as he pushed into her.

As she pulsed and came on his face she collapsed forwards so that finally, finally, she was just inches from his now rock hard cock.

She kissed the exposed bulbous head, and licked the droplets of cum away from the tip, savouring the taste of the young fresh sperm. She squeezed his balls through the material of his Jockeys, massaging them, loving the feeling of the two balls as they moved between her fingers.

She pushed her hands into his briefs and groped his shaven balls sack again.

Climbing off of his face she went to her handbag and took out her cigarettes, lighting one and taking a deep, deep satisfied draw, looking down at his wet come covered face, she smiled to herself, it was time to unwrap her present!

Kneeling between his legs she picked up the wicked looking knife, put her hand into the gusset of his briefs, feeling his heavy balls sack against her fingers as she wrenched the materials away and then carefully slid the knife though and sliced with one smooth cut, then she cut the waste band. Still holding the knife she used her other hand to peel the briefs away, and then, at last she could see her real gift, a wonderful thick young throbbing cock, it was covered in ropey veins and bigger than any cock she had ever had.

She put the knife on her bedside table and returned to her gift.

She wrapped both hands around his cock, and still the head poked out of her hands, as she squeezed, the head ballooned and went an even darker shade of purple. She gentle wanked up and down, up and down, feeling it grow even bigger in her hands.

For the first time, she spoke, ‘You have the most fantastic penis young man, and I’ve handled quite a few, especially when I was younger and single, I loved a good cock hunt at the weekend, but never caught one like yours’

He smiled and started to utter something but she cut him off sharply ‘Don’t speak! You are mine, and I will tell you if and when I want a conversation, right now all I want to do is eat your cock, and then we’ll see what happens from there, ok?’

Still smiling, he just nodded.

‘Good boy’ she said, as she sucked on the tip of his large bell end, ‘Mmmmmmm’ she moaned ‘You have a lot of pre cum in here, it tastes fucking lovely’

As she draw her tongue away, a lovely thick string of cum linked her to his cock before breaking off and sticking to her chin, she used a finger to push it into her mouth before going back to work.

She had the whole of the head in her mouth now, sucking hard on it, slurping as she sucked it in and then let it out time and again, her head bobbing like a porn star, each time she sucked it back he thrust up trying to instinctively ram it into the back of her throat.

She ran her hand under her his ball sack and gripped one of his tight bum cheeks giving it a good squeeze, then she pulled her hand away and let his knob out of her mouth and stuck her thumb in into her mouth, using a mixture of her spit and his pre cum to lube her thumb, then she pushed her hand back to grab his ass cheek, and pushed her thumb against his resistant ass hole, wriggling her thumb until she just entered him, once just inside him she took his cock back into her mouth and pushed her thumb in deeper into his ass his cock grew harder and his thrusting became more eager and frantic.

The door opened, behind her, and he said ‘Well? Do you like…. Ah, I see there’s no need to ask is there, I can see what you think of your present by the way your are eating his hard on’

She let the throbbing twitching cock fall from her mouth, and looked guiltily over her shoulder at him. She had never been unfaithful, and to her knowledge nor had he, as she had said, when she was younger she had had her share of cock, untidy fumbled fingerings in dark corners, and one night stands, quick blow jobs and fast shags outside of nightclubs and pubs or in the back of cars and now here she was gobbling away at a young studs huge cock, it just felt wrong, and yet, oh so right!

‘Don’t stop, please, carry on enjoying your gift, you mind if I watch you for a while?’

In answer, she thrust her thumb deeper into the young mans ass and grabbed his hard cock and thrust it back into her mouth, closing her eyes tightly as she sucked and bobbed her head, as he thrust and bucked into her throat.

Her eyes smiled as she felt her long time partners hands on her ass cheeks, gently and lovingly caressing them, before sliding his fingers into her sopping wet cunt.

The cock was being thrust into her harder and faster, and she had to decide, whether she wanted to have a mouth full off his young thick creamy fresh cum, or to feel it explode into her pussy, but her decision was made easier for her as her partner said ‘You know the best part about this gift? I’ve rented the flat to him, for these on going services at your whim, plus he is going to do a few odd jobs, a good deal, don’t you think?’

‘Oh fucking good God yes!’ she said, as she felt him ease his own nicely sized cock into her ass’

‘I wont last long, not until I get used to the sight of you and him fucking and sucking, but I will in time and with plenty of practice’

She could not believe what was happening here, their sex life had been fairly mundane for years, they went through periods of hardly any sex, followed by a few rampant nights of filthy fucking, but even then they had only fumbled about with ‘anal’ never a proper ass fuck, but here she was with his cock buried deep in her ass, pumping in and out easily as she was so fucking ’up for it’ and a young strangers huge cock, banging relentlessly away at her mouth!

He thrust harder into her, his thighs slapping at her ass as his cock went hilt deep, and exploded his spunk deep into her ass, filling her with the warm cream. ‘This is fucking brilliant’ she thought

He pulled out with a sloppy sucking wet spunky plop, and came around to kiss her on the cheek, he could feel the bulge of the young lads cock thumping against the inside of her mouth.

‘Look at you, you slut, you got cum running out of your ass and down you leg, and a cock in your gob, sucking on it like a cheap hungry whore’ He said.

‘Normally we only shag once in a blue moon, and even then we have condoms at the ready, I bet you’d take his salty spunk in any and every hole!’ He taunted.

He reached around and scooped some of his cum and fingered it into her cunt, then scooped up some more and pushed a finger into her mouth, feeling the cock ramming away next to it as she looked up at him and grinned, he grinned back and said ‘I do fucking love you, and I do love fucking you, and I do LOVE you fucking’

The young lad groaned and bucked harder, obviously about to cum, she looked up at him again with her wicked smiling eyes, while slurping at the twitching cock, she grabbed the boys balls and squeezed them hard as if trying to milk them of every last drop of precious hot cum, the lad arched his back, banging his cock right into her throat and spunked load after gagging load into her mouth, so that it spilled around her lips, running down her face. ‘Swallow, swallow it you fucking dirty slut, swallow as much as you can get down, it’s good for you’ and so she did, and she relished it as she gagged and groaned and grinned as the stud pumped his cum into her.

It ran thickly down her throat, some of it continued to flood from her mouth.

The young stud whimpered as he pushed out the last few gluts of white hot sperm, she slurped and sucked, and then let his twitching knob fall from her mouth, she sucked one of the boys balls into her mouth and then stood and walked to her partner, her mouth, lips and chin running with dribbles of cum, ‘Kiss me, if you really love me’ she grinned again, exposing cum covered teeth, and put her arms around his neck hovering her mouth near his, she poked her tongue out and licked his lower lip, smearing it with her young lovers fresh hot spunk, they stared into each others eyes for several seconds and then he grabbed her to him and kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth, tasting and sharing her recent conquest, she felt his limp cock start to harden, but she was already glancing in the direction of the still blind folded and tethered studs impressive tool wondering how long until she could do him again, with or without her long time lover, and while they kissed with passion, she was thinking……….. ‘next time, I think I will see what it feels like to have my cunt stretched and pounded raw and then filled with spunk by my own personally ‘on tap’ prize fucking cock……………….’