Written by Carla wet bum

13 Jun 2004

My name is Carla,i am 19 ,single parent with a baby girl,and a live in boy friend who is a bit of a pratt he is a few years older than i,he was my first and i have wondered how it would feel to get another cock inside of me for a while now ,i am patite blonde in very good shape no stretch marks what hapened last saturday was not planed and i still feel a little guilty although still gets me wet,we were at the shops in town and he wanted to go to the pub well off he went saying he would only be a short time one houre later and i had to go get him as we were wanting home,when i saw him he was siting with a older guy david and after a few quite hissed words i left him to it and went home a houre later in he came with his new found friend he was a 56 year old sales rep staying in a hotel in town for the next week not bad looking for a older guy i thought we made it up and david stayed for tea went out and got some wine and beer and a DVD we all settled down and as the night wore on david was paying me a lot of attenchion and i was very flatered the pratt brian was well out of it and had his face in the cusion fast asleep i was sittig next to david dressed only in my nightie and a very breif pair of white panties,i was shocked when he lent over and kissed me i was very taken back and would have responded if brian was not in the same room we cant i said ,he responded by sliping his hand up my leg and stroking me through my knickers oh god i was so horny ,i found my legs opening to let him gain access to my pussie he was bighting my ear which gets me going we cant i said ,come on he said lets fuck ,i was very on i shouted brian a few times no movement through a slipper at him not a sound i slipped on to the floor in front of the couch my legs splayed and brian took out his cock pulled my panties to one side and slid in to me, fuck he was big and hard ,so here i was lying infront of my sleeping boyfriend father of my child ,with this old guy three times my age giving me what i deserved,and it was so good my boy friend some times found it dificult to keep a erection and never realy got properly hard i recon it was due to his drinking,anyhow i was bighting my top lip as i came and came then i noticed him speeding up and new he was not far from shooting him cum ,no no no i whispered dont cum n me i am not on the pill to late he was gone grunting and pushing hit spurting tool up to the hilt,once done he puled out and i felt imiditly ashamed with myself ,then brian gave a grunt i jumped up and sat down on the chiar just as he turened round and smiled at me well what els could i do i had no cace to conplain not after what i had just done,going to bed he said Mm i said david can stay cant he yip i said ,with it being a small flat our bed room is just off the loung so no trip to the loo all i wanted to do was curl up ashamed and sleep i got into bed and i new that brian wanted sex i asked him not to but he put on a condom and put me on my back and slid in to my very wet pussie he done it a few mins then disposed of the spunk filled jonny and fell off to sleep,next morning while brian went for the rolls and papers i did it again fucked with david in our bed bare back another cunnie full and as i stood frying bacon i could feel his cum seeping down my legs still wondering why,thats it never again i decieded ,but david went back to his hotel and here i was monday with david back in my bed execpt he never came in me he shot down my throte some thing i had never done before for anyone then monday afternoon, then twice on tue then in his car on wed in our bed on thursday with him cuming in me each time there was not a day that week i did not have a cunt full of davids semen ,i am bount to be pregnant i am worried and horny david is now home i want to see him again and he said he would be back next month but i need him i know he reads this web sight and knw it will turn him on, so get back to me i need a man not a boy and i dont care if i am you know what i will just blame it on a fawlty condom