Written by Bernard

2 Aug 2003

To the best of my recollection our ‘date’ took place one October in the mid eighties. Elaine and I had been to a rather formal gathering, saying farewell to one of the company’s senior employees. We had met before, but this was the first occasion I had spoken to her for any length of time. After I offered her a lift, thinking that I would be taking her straight home to her husband. Rather to my surprise she proposed going first to a nearby viewpoint. It was a bright, moonlit night, but I couldn’t help feeling that she hadn’t suggested the trip just to look at the view.

We got in the car and set off, and, as if to confirm my suspicions, it was not long before she snuggled up. I thought it wise to keep my hands on the steering wheel but she soon let one of her hands stray, and proved rather deft at unzipping my flies. She found my cock, which was already giving in to temptation. I knew that she wanted me to be aroused, but she took it easy, and drew back as we got near to the place to indicate the way into the car park.

We drive in. There are several other cars parked a distance from each other - some with lights on, others without, others in complete darkness. I suspect doggers, which adds to my sense of anticipation. We find a secluded corner - not too far away from other vehicles, and I turn towards her, intending to give her a kiss.

“Just a minute,” she whispers, “I need a pee.” And with that she hops out and comes round to my side of the car. We had parked alongside some bushes, which I supposed she might use as cover, but without embarrassment she hoists up her skirt, shoves her knickers down to her knees and sits on her heels, momentarily revealing a rather shapely bottom before gushing forth.

“That’s better,” she murmurs, re-adjusting her clothing and coming up to my door. “Should we get in the back - there’s a bit more room?”

“That sounds like a good idea,” I reply, trying not to sound too eager. She was turning out to be quite a woman. A few minutes later we were ensconced, she notes the bulge in my trousers, and her fingers return to their earlier work inside my flies. We embrace and I undo her blouse, and wriggle my hand under her bra. She reaches behind her back to unfasten the clasp. This makes it easier for me to reach a rather perky nipple. She moans a little before drawing her hand away from my dick, so that she can position herself to suck my pecker more readily. She bends forward and takes me expertly. My cock begins to feel very erect indeed. I sense that I will find her rather responsive if I can reach her clit.

Because she seems to be making her backside more easily accessible, I lift the hem of her skirt and find the waistband of her knickers. I push my hand into the crack between the cheeks of her arse. She eases them apart so that I can reach between her legs and feel the wetness there. I am still playing with her tits and feeling her erect nipples and I am aware of her pussy beginning to throb. She senses that she may be arousing me too quickly and eases off her frontal attack. It is her turn to wriggle her hand under my balls and into my butt. She finds my sphincter and lets a finger begin to penetrate it

“I expect you saw my bum when I had a pee,” she whispers. I mutter my assent and let my fingers explore both her cunt and, since she has mentioned it, her backside. “You realise, by the way,” she went on, “That there is an onlooker not very far away. I wonder whether he has caught a glimpse?” To my surprise, simply because I hadn’t noticed him, I saw that we were being watched by a young man. I murmured, “Let’s give him a show.”

Rather inelegantly, she moves around to position herself on all fours where she can continue to suck my cock while making sure that our bystander can still see. Her tits sway tantalizingly and her nipples stand out like acorns. 'Take your time. Show off a bit,” I mutter, “Quiver your tits a bit more. Then I’ll lift your skirt and give him an idea of what’s underneath.”

She groans loudly using her fingers to frig herself. Mine, well lubricated, investigate her bum-hole. She moans even more loudly. We hump one another while, outside, our young man is attending to his own needs. Whether all three of us came together I am not sure, but Elaine and I seemed to spend together. Thereafter we were rather inert and our bystander melted into the darkness.

We re-adjusted our clothes and got back into the front and drove away. Elaine muttered that she hoped that her husband Jack would not notice how excited she was. With that I drove her home.