Written by Sue and Diane

5 Oct 2005

This happened a few years ago, at the time I was 29 and my friend 28, we were both married. We were invited to a colleagues wedding and it was great, I should think that there were the best part of a hundred people there and the reception was in a local hotel. Obviously we were fairly well dressed up for the ceremony and the official reception but there was an evening do. We decided that as it was a very warm late summer evening we would go home and change into cooler outfits. My friend Dianes husband was away on a job abroad and mine was also away until the following week somewhere up in Scotland. We changed at Dianes place and went back to the evening do at about eight. Well it got pretty wild there were loads of people there who hadn't been invited to the official reception and they were determined to make an evening of it. Amongst them were some lads I suppose around sixteen to eighteen and they seemed set on dancing with us throughout the evening. To be absolutely honest Diane and I had hoped to click with a couple of older guys and finish up the evening with them back at our place, if you get what I mean. Well, we wasnt wearing very much, knicks and bras and see through blouses with short skirts, so I daresay these younger lads were getting a bit of an eyeful from time to time. It became obvious when we had the odd close dance with them because they had hards on! Well as you can imagine we were well in the mood, laughing and joking with these young lads, who were very nice I have to say. Anyway I was dancing close with this lad Jack his name was and just for a joke I said did he think it quite right to dance with a lady and keep pressing his cock against her! Of course he got dead embarassed but I laughed and said, I didn't mind but didnt he get his end away so that he didn't get an erection when he was just dancing. To my surprise he said no he didnt in fact he told me that he was a virgin and had never even seen a girls thingy. I felt quite sorry for him but it turned out that all these four lads were in the same situation. Of course Diane and me had had a lot to drink or we wouldn't have come up with such a daft idea. Anyway, I told Diane what hed said she said What all of them? I said Well that's what he said. So she said Poor little buggers youd think some girl would take pity on them wouldnt you? We looked at each other Well it would be a laugh wouldn it? I said. Go on Sue she said then stopped and giggled Well we haven't got no one have we? What take them back to your place I said. Why not she says Rod aint coming back for yonks so we couldn get caught and wed be doing them boys a favour wouldnt we? We would I says and thats how it happened. A few minutes later Jack comes up and asked me to dance so I did and I says to him how would you lads like to come back with me and Diane and find out what its all about? You kidding he says. No straight up I tells him. You must be joking what all four of us? Yea me and Diane can easily cope with all of you. So that's what happened. We got a taxi back and the lads come in we gave them a drink and sat down with them and started trying to find out what they did with girls. To be honest they didnt have a clue so we told them wed take em in hand one boy each at a time upstairs. Well naturally I took Jack. I got him in the bedroom and I could see him trembling I said Its nothing to be frightened of take your things off and I started undressing but left my pants on. He goggled at my tits and I got him on the bed naked to tell you the truth he had quite a nice sized cock on him hard of course. I stared kissing him which he liked and showed him how to stroke my tits my nipples were soon hard and I had him kissing and sucking them. Got me going a bit too. Then I played with his cock just a little because I thought he might comeoff too quick like. Then I let him pull my knickers down and off and I opened my legs so he could see my cunt. I said to him to get down and look close at it then I spread the lips with my fingers and told him what each bit was and where his cock would go in. I thought he was going to cum right there but he held on like and I showed him how to feel it and make a girl feel good and sexy. He soon learnt how to do that! I got all slippery and told him to put his cock in which he did of course he cum straight off but I told him not to worry he was young and would get hard again pretty quick. Which he did and shoved his cock up me again and started fucking he lasted about two minutes which wasnt bad and I kissed him and told him how good he was. After he got over it I took him to the bathroom and we cleaned up he got hard again while we was there because he couldn take his eyes off my cunt so I bent over and showed him how to fuck from behind. By the time he cum again his legs would hardly hold him up. Anyway I got him cleaned up and dressed and sent him downstairs and told him to send his mate up. This boys name was Brian and he did cum when he saw my cunt but I managed to let it come all over me instead of the bed. I soon got him kissing my tits and nipples and sucking them while I wanked his cock and got him hard again. I showed him my cunt like I did Jack and let him play intil he wanted to fuck and I soon had him up me. He wasn't quite as big as Jack but it was still nice if quick and it was messy cos I had cum all over me. But of course he soon got hard again as I played with him and showed him my spunky cunt and he put it back in and fucked me good. Got him in the bathroom afterwards and cleaned him up and dressed and sent him downstairs. Then I washed and wandered into Dianes room she was being fucked and I leant by the door and watched the kid doing her. He was good and lasted longer than either of mine and it was nice watching Diane when he cum up her cunt I could tell how much she liked it. I was still naked of course and all three of us went in the bathroom and I washed him while Diane cleaned herself up. We got dressed and went downstairs. All the lads looked knackered but very pleased with themselves and they kept on thanking us all the time, they said they was sure that theyd soon be fucking girls there own age and were very grateful for what we done for them. After theyd gone we agreed that wed done the local girls a good service, then we wwent to bed and done each other, we were all sexed up and them boys hadn't made us cum, we soon made up for that.