Written by Southern Boy

12 Aug 2004

Me and two mates have just returned from a three week camping holiday in northern France. Nothing too exciting just visiting different parts and sites, staying a few days then moving on. Lots of time drinking and sunbathing !The last place was different though. We arrived in the morning and found a site close to the ferry terminal that we would be travelling home from two days later. In the afternoon we had a few beers and spent most of the time in the pool. In the evening we went down to the bar. There weren’t many people there, about 15 I suppose, most of whom it turned out were market traders who set up camp there for the summer whilst doing all the local markets in the area. By about ten there was only us and one table with a group of French women still there. I went to the bar to get some drinks and one of the women came in to order at the same time. I can speak a little French and she started to chat to me but as she spoke no English it was hard going!! The barman kept smiling and giving me the nod so I should have realised something was going on. She was nothing special to look at, quite tall and thin with hardly any tits and short cut hair that could have made her pass for a bloke.

Anyway she went back to her table and friends and I did the same. About half an hour later her friends left her and went off, so she came over to our table and started trying to have a conversation. My mates soon got pissed off with this as neither of them speaks any French and they soon went off to bed and left me there. We had another drink and then I excused myself saying that I was going to bed as well. As I left the bar I was bursting for a pee so went into the toilet block by the bar. Imagine my surprise as I turned around zipping myself up to see her standing there watching me – well they were communal toilets !!. She came over and started to kiss me really deep, she certainly had a long tongue and started to rub my growing cock through my shorts. I was rock hard in seconds and she pulled the waistband of my shorts down and whilst still kissing me started to wank my cock. I started to run my hand up her summer dress and soon discovered that she had no knickers on and her pussy was dripping wet. I was rubbing her clit and she was groaning loudly as we continued to kiss. She then went down on her knees and started to suck me off, Christ she was no novice and she was taking my full length down her throat and squeezing my balls at the same time – I was in heaven!

Unfortunately we were disturbed by the sound of the barman locking up so I quickly pulled my shorts up and she grabbed my hand and led me to her caravan. As soon as we were in the door she pulled her dress off and stripped me and went down on me again. Christ could she ever suck and I was absolutely rock hard in seconds. She was an animal taking the full length of my cock down her throat and squeezing my balls at the same time like there was no tomorrow ! I could feel myself about to cum and not wanting the fun to be over too quick pushed her onto her back on the low sofa and dived between her legs. Her cunt was absolutely soaking but boy did it taste good. She offered no resistance as I started to lick and nibble her clit and was making a hell of a noise. Her juices were flowing down her ass crack and I soon had one and then two fingers up her tight ass finger fucking her for all I was worth whilst eating her pussy. She came to an almighty orgasm , so I pulled her ass toward the edge of the sofa and got between her legs and slid my cock straight up her juicy fanny. When I have a few I can stay hard for ages without cuming and she did not complain as I hammered away at her pussy for all I was worth. She came twice more before I turned her over so her ass was in the air and her body resting on the sofa before entering her again from behind. I was fucking away at her for all I was worth and finger fucking her tight little ass at the same time. I could feel myself starting to cum with a few very deep hard final thrusts which had her cuming loudly I emptied my load deep into her pussy. As I pulled my cock out of her the sight of my cum running down her legs had me hard again in seconds so I eased my cock into her ass this time and started to fuck her really deep and slow. It did’nt take long before she was pushing back onto me as hard as she could and calling all the names under the sun ( in French of course ! ) We fucked like that for a good ten minutes before I emptied my balls again this time up her lovely tight ass. I fucked her twice more that night before going back to my tent completely knackered !

In the morning the boys could’nt believe what they had missed and were green with envy. That evening they were keen to stay for a drink when she came to the bar. At closing time she asked us to her place for a drink. You can guess what happened, we fucked her nearly all night in every possible hole. By the morning we were all completely fucked ! God she was absolutely insatiable and loved being treated as a complete slut ! The highlight of the the evening was her on her knees taking a cock up her cunt and ass at the same time whilst sucking the third one off. We all took it in turns to fill her holes and finished with the three of us wanking off over her face !

What an end to the holiday. I can’t get it out of my head and am going back in two weeks on my own hopefully for more ! I will tell you what happens….