Written by Michelle

6 Aug 2006

I've just got back from twelve weeks as a volunteer in a village in Tanzania. I worked in the local school as a teachers assistant and lived with a local couple. Everything was basic but i did have my own room.

I'm 20 years old, very petit 5 feet 1 inch (on tiptoes), naturally blonde, slim but with big boobs. When i left for Africa my boyfriend and i promised to be faithful.

I enjoyed my work very much but missed my boyfriend, and found it very difficult to go without sex. The nights were long and i masturbated every night. I had to be careful not to make too much noise as the house was very small and quiet. I'd sometime be kept awake by the couple making love in the next bedroom, they seemed to go at it for hours.

One evening some 2 months into my stay, after a shower i lay naked on my bed gently touching myself. The door slowly opened and in walked Henry (the gentleman of the house). He was naked, all 6 feet 7 inchs and 20 stones. I was startled for a moment but didn't move. I just lay there with my hands on my soaking wet pussy. Henry didn't say a word, i thought he maybe sleep walking. He stood by the side of my bed with his semi erect cock inchs from my face. This was the first time i'd seen a black cock, it must have been 9 or 10 inchs and growing.

I licked the tip and it twitched, i started sucking his beautiful purple bell-end and Henry started to stroke my blonde heir. Henry started to move his hips slowly, i couldn't believe i was having my mouth fucked like this. He could only get half his cock in my mouth, but he didn't force it. After a few minutes he grabbed the back of my head and began moving faster and deeper, he let out a little moan and filled my willing mouth with more cum thand i could swallow. His thick cum ran down my chin and onto the bed. Henry scouped it up with his fingers and offered it to my mouth, lovely.

This was the perfect encounter for me as i don't feel oral sex is cheating so i could happily tell my boyfriend i was faithful. This wasn't the end as henry went down on my little pussy. He licked my cunt like he hadn't eaten for weeks. I was soon having an orgasm, i felt like i was pissing in his mouth.

I thanked Henry and as he came up from between my legs i could see his cock was standind to attention. henry pleced his massive cock against my pussy lips and with one thrust shoved it up to his balls. He rode me like his life depended on it. Deep and fast for about 10 minutes before shooting his load deep inside my now very sore cunt.