Written by goodone

25 Apr 2006

I used to love getting my hair cut when we lived in london, the salon me and the wife went to was run by her aunt and most of the wife's cousins worked there.

One in particular was called sharon and she was sex on legs! the wife and I used to have a great laugh in the salon, winding the hairstlist up and lots of banter!

sharon was getting married by the end of 2003 and we were all invited to the wedding, this was the talk in the salon and i used to sit their and think to myself what a lucky bugger sharons future husband phillip was. The salon was grate with all of it's mirrows i could get a good look at sharon were ever she was, boy was she sexy! long dark hair, about 5foot 5inches tall with a arse to die for and lovely 32c breast! she was a classy and sexy girl and at 25 she was 'full of it!!' if you know what I mean!

The wife had just gone to work the time was 9.40 and the kids were at school when the front door bell rang, as I answered it to my delight it was sharon, "hello georgoud" I said as she came in and smiled at me sexily1

and what do i owe the pleasure to? ai asked as she sat down in the living room/well she started....you know like I'm getting married soon? "yes" i answered "well i want you to be my pre-marridge fuck!" I nearly fell over with the shock-"are you serious/" I asked as she got up from the settee and flung her arms around me and french kissed me as she unziped my jeans and massaged my now very stiff cock! "can we go upstairs and fuck?" she asked-"sure" i said as she led me by the hand and up the stairs.

once in the bedroom I was made to sit on the bed and watch her strip!her body was just pure majical!she then ordered me to strip and sat down her moist pussy onto my face!she breathed deeply as I ate at her pussy and the juices were flowing into my mouth!The end-but more to come!