14 Sep 2017

Waiting for Number 69

The moonlight, silvery, the night warm and still

He holding her hand pulls her up the hill.

At the summit, in dark shadows a deserted bus stop.

Apart from an owl in the distance, you can hear a pin drop.

She urgently pulls him into the shelter, into the black.

Tongues darting, hands are gliding, reserve is starting to crack.

With open hands he combs his fingers through her fiery red hair.

Of the rest of this world, they have lost all care.

Their universe is now each other in this battered old shed

Passions are rising, hungers needing to be fed

They kiss, tongues entwine, breathing deeply, meshes into one

Sighs are forth coming, clumsily, clothing being undone.

Her hands in passion clutching his broad strong chest

Fingers are running circles on her warm swollen breast.

He runs his hands down her neck, goes down so far.

Reverses direction, slides under her blouse and unclips her bra.

She giggles as he struggles to undo her shirt.

Aroused so hard it’s starting to hurt.

Grasping her fullness, he gently gives her nipples a rub.

Slowly massaging, he sucks and licks around her nub.

She pants in passion, her hands go down to his jeans

Oh so slowly, runs her nail up the seam.

Through the material she can feel his hardness, hot and strong.

She grasps and squeezes his cock for oh so long.

It slowly ratchets down as she pulls at his zip

Through the folds in his clothes she can just touch the tip.

Furiously with a passion their lips locked in a snog.

Eyes open trying to see, lost in their sexual fog.

Under her skirt he runs his thumb up her thigh

As his finger brush her mound she lets out a cry.

Teasingly he slowly strokes down her other leg.

“Please don’t tease me, touch me”, she starts to beg

Without warning he firmly cups her warm welcoming cunt.

One hand grasping her bum, one slides down the front.

Fingers exploring, down through her wiry red hair.

The smell of sex is rampant in the still night air.

Finding the moist groove that will lead to more.

As they stumble, she pulls him to the floor.

Pulls off her panties off one leg, they hang off her shoe

Spreads her legs out wide, he knows what to do.

Kisses her knee and slowly licks up her frame.

Runs his tongue around her pussy, slowly slowly is the game.

Her breathing gets so deep, she pulls at his hair.

But it’s in his time, her urgency, he doesn’t care.

When she is almost starting to burst,

He firmly licks her engorged lips first.

Tongue wide, slowly and firmly from bottom to top.

There’s no way she would want him to stop.

Her sweet wetness, so arousing covers his face,

She loses herself in an orgasmic space.

When she returns from her quivering flight.

She kisses him like it’s her last kiss on her last ever night.

Tasting herself on his pleasure giving lips

While all the time he is tweaking her nips.

Pushed him away onto his back

He just sees her hungry face in the black.

She reaches out and tries but can’t undo his belt.

So he does it for her, so desperate to be felt.

Lifts his hips as she sheds him of his cumbersome clothes.

Gripping his hot hard cock, as pre cum flows.

Leaning forward, she nibbles on her lip

Tasting the moisture from the tip.

She dips her head and heaven waits

Gently and firmly she fellates.

One hand on his shaft gripping the dick,

One hand rubbing his balls she knows the trick.

The pressure is building, the pleasure a treat.

As she gobbles and suck on his rampant meat.

As he twitches and starts to groan.

She suddenly stops, his cries turn to moan.

But she climbs up his manly frame.

As he realises her plan, her game.

She grabs his cock places it at her lip

Slowly and gently enters the tip.

The volcanic hotness engulfs this man,

Who thrusts up as hard as he can.

She gasps and thrusts down to match him as hard as she dare

This moment of union, they now share.

“ Will you two Fuck off I’m trying to sleep”

A voice from the corner in darkness so deep.

With a giggle they uncouple and gather their stuff.

Leave the bus shelter, and the tramp who’s in a huff