Written by Steve8

13 Jan 2018

Just been enjoying Martin and Martin K's stories of fun at Wansford lay by and Southey woods.

I first came across Wansford lay-by by accident passing one day and spent 2 hours at the glory hole sucking a variety of cock. I was around 20 at the time and it was incredibly horny. ever since I have dropped in when passing which is sadly only about once per year of lucky. I hope to drop in again this Mon/Tue def around Tue early PM I'll be in hire car but now around 50. My dream is to watch my wife fucking big cocks and taking spunk so I can clean up for her and him (or them if more than one guy) all preferably with huge cocks.

One particular afternoon after walking around the toilet blocks and down to the river I walked up to the main entrance in to the woods there. Not far in I saw a big guy tall and muscular, wearing a rugby shirt; he had a fantastic cook at least 10 inch and very thick. It wasn't long before I was on my knees worshiping that cock and sucking as much in as I could. he said he wanted to fuck me and ordered me to turn round, now I hadn't been fucked like that since before getting married so I was resisting but was starting to relent. I was sucking him again deciding that due to this impressive cock I would let him have me if he had rubber. Just then we noticed a guy walking down the path, all we saw was a short-sleeved white shirt and we both thought Police. Oh fuck he said get out of here. Luckily I had my trousers up and was able to leap the fence and run through the nettle patches towards the river, then backtracked to the substation gate and vaulted over that and wandered back to my car. I then left but thought as I was going that I had seen a guy in short-sleeved white shirt earlier so it was him not the police.

I should have returned as I would have loved to be fucked by that huge cock while sucking another.

Martin I read your stories and would certainly like to be involved with your wife, perhaps fucking her while you suck me or coming over your face while she watches, ideally I would help eat spunk from her pussy and she could wash it down with a golden shower. Not sure where Southey woods are but will try to find them, I think they may be past the lay-by on the rd to Peterborough?

Would she be interested, if I am really lucky the rugby shirt man with the huge cock will be there on Tue pm and I'll get to suck him and hopefully more. If I get lucky I'll write and let you all know.

I am horny now and off to find some cock to suck in Dundee