Written by true

25 Sep 2006

i have been married for over 11 years and although we havea good sex life i cant stop thinking that we need something to spice our sex up, and in the past with reading whats on sh, i have become obsessed with seeing my wife fucking anotherman, so i posted an add on here looking for somebody. i knew my wife who is 35yoa good looking and very good in bed when the mood takes her is fussy and knew i had to find someone young and a bit of a surfer type, dont ask me why, so after sifting through around 30 reply i found someone who i thought would do the job, he ws 24 yoa typical cocky young man, so i set him up to knowck on the door looking for handy mans jobs prior to this i had been moaning to the wife taht i didnt have time to do various jobs around the house, anyway, i set the date for him to knock on the door, and my wife said that she would speak to me, and let him know, i came home from work and she told me that a man had been offerin ghis services, to which i said great get him on with it, she didnt mention to me he was young longs locks for hair and very fit in the build sense, so he told me she had hired him to start on monday which she confirmed to me also, and way to cut a long story short, he visited about 4 times tellign me each time he had got a bit more friendly with her, my wife never told me any of thuis so i knew she must of liked him, so for the finale, the handy man said he was going to make his move on a friday afternoon,. so i left fow work as usual and asked if she had paid for the work the handy man had been doing to which she said she hadnt yet, so i left thinking what he would do to her later, anyway it was arranged for 2pm for him to see what he could do so i came back at around 2 parked my car down the street so it wouldnt be seen and i noticed his car on the drive, i let myself in very quietly and their was a silence aprt from a slight noise upstairs so i crept up to see my wife on her knees with the boys cock in her mouth, he was around 7" and she was spitting all over it and slurping liek a pro, she was also saying in between wanking and sucking him, that she had never been unfaithful which i found a sought of relief, but she said that she could resit him, he slowy fucked her mouth then he lifted her up and took her to our room, i could see though the door but heard some slight murmers coming from her so i peeked through the crack of the door and saw he had stripped of and they were both standing kissing each other while she slowy pulled his foreskin back and forward, i also noticed his hand rubbing her pussy, which she always kept neat anyway he lifted her up and to my amazement he wasnt wearing a condom, then put her on the bed and fucked her like a long time lover whispering in her ear, my cock was now getting hard and i didnt know should i come in and see what the reaction was but i left them to it, he fucked her for over 20 minutes, and i saw her pussy was well swollen then after some time she reached underneath and stroked his cock till i saw his arse cheeks tense and he filled her up they layed their for a couple of minutes with him just sloly clenching the last droup of cum out, he then pulled away and like a slut she went down and licked him clean.

i then left and came home as normal, i walked in and my wife was as horny as anyhting and to be fair we had the fuck of our lives, and i know she hasnt seen him gain and i think we just needed something like this to put the excitement back, and for some reason now she loves suscking my cock and swallowing the lot,