Written by steve

1 Mar 2006

My wife and i love to have sex in lots of different places and this is what we do. My cock is hard just writting this, my wife loves to sunbath topless showing her sexy 34B tits to lots of guys and she says that it turns her on doing this. she always love to rub sun cream into them when guys are looking, making her nipples hard. i get so turned on that she does this and a find it sexy. in the summer we have sex in our garden in the evening, the garden is open and we can be seen. we have a couple of bottles of wine then go into the garden about 23.00 hours naked and start playing with each other. i love her giving me oral sex out there, while she is on her knees infront of me. ilove to see her take my big cock in her little mouth, it looks so sexy. i love to return the same back to her while she sits there with her legs open and i am licking her wet pussy. we are in full view of everyone and that turns us on. we then have full sex on the grass and i find it hard not to cum to soon, wanting to be seen. we dont mind if we just jet seen by a male or female. i am more turned on with my wife being seen by any male near to us, so they can see her having sex and want her to.

this one time in the garden we had given each other oral sex and it was a light night and the garden was lit by the moon. we were having doggy on the grass when i say the guy next door looking over the fence between his and our garden. i was turned on, we were being watched, but i did not tell my wife. she was still on all fours with her shoulders and head resting on the grass. she was loving what i was doing. i stopped and began licking her ass, pussing my toung inside her ass. she was happy with what i was doing and helped my and played with clit until she came. i could feel her ass tighten and relax as she continued to cum. i checked and we were still being watched. my wife had masterbated infront of him as well and that was horny, because he had seen her come by her own fingers. i then fingered her for a moment until she was ready to take me back inside her. she layed on her back and i got on top and began to make love to her again. she had placed her hands round my ass, pulling me into her. i decided i needed to cum and moved up to her face. i began to masterbate, which with the guy next door watching i did not mind. i cum over my wifes face and in her mouth, she sucked the rest off in her mouth. it felt good to have been watched for what i am aware may not have been the first time.

i told my wife when we had gone back into the lounge that we had been watched and she was just as happy about it as i was. we still talk about it and want the same thing to happen again this year.

my dream would be to have another couple in the same room with us while we all make love, maybe one day we will have that.