Written by Stephen

8 Feb 2005

Last weekend I was travelling back from Cornwall when I desperately needed a pee,luckily it wasn`t too long before I noticed a sign offering parking and toilets and refreshments.It was a bit off the beaten track so as I entered the carpark it was almost empty except for a couple of cars,I assumed their occupants were in the nearby portakabin/come tea room.The gents were deserted when I entered so having peed I took the opportunity to wank my semihard cock to relieve some of the tension that had built up while driving.Standing crouched over the urinal bowl cock in hand I wasn`t aware that anyone had entered the gents.The next thing I knew was,standing along side me was a man about my age admiring my "handywork" and cock.As I struggled to cover my embarrasment I heard him say something asking if he could be of assistance.The next thing I knew his hand had reached out and encircled my cock,I stood there rooted to the spot as he gently began to wank me.Expecting us to be discovered any minute he lead me into one of the vacant cubicles locking the door behind us.Still holding my cock in his hand he bade me to drop my trousers and boxers while he sat himself down on the toilet bowl.In a daze I did as he said and was soon standing half naked and erect in front of this total stranger.Slowly he started to resume wanking me drawing drop after drop of precum from my swollen knobend.Without warning he took me into his mouth clamping his lips tight around my cock.Replacing the wanking movements with his head and teasing me with his tongue he took me deeper into his mouth.His hands now carressed and fondled my balls making them swell with pleasure.I felt my climax build from within and announced I was about to come.My companion said nothing but speeded up his movements to bring me off immediately.As my legs buckled I shot my load into his mouth,pumping twice more as he sucked and teased the last drops from me.He looked up and showed me his open mouth containing my cum before swallowing it in one.

As I recovered my clothes and dressed he asked if I had done anything like that before to which I said no.Pressing me further he asked if I had ever wanked another man,again I said no.Still in a daze and caught up in what had just proceeded I felt obliged to offer to return the favour and wank him off.The words just spilled out,offering to give him a hand so to speak.We changed positions so that I was sitting on the toilet while he prepared to drop his trousers.I was not expecting what I saw next,he stood before me in black stockings,scarlet suspenders and panties which barely covered or contained his erect cock.He said he hoped I din`t mind him being a transvestite.I said nothing but felt a little excited at the thought as I helped him remove the panties which he thrust into my top pocket for safe keeping.I nervously took hold of his cock closed my eyes and began to wank him imagining it was mine and duplicating the movements and pleasure I would have been giving myself,he said I was doing fine.My hand felt sticky as he oused loads of precum which I used as a lubricant as I massaged his uncut knobend.He asked me if I wanted to taste him and lick the precum,tentatively I moved towards his glistening cock and licked a large globule of precum which had formed from him.It didnt taste too bad,feeling adventurous I prepared to take a second lick this time placing my lips and open mouth around his cock.He seemed to take this as a signal of my acceptance and non restistance,immediately he pushed forward and thrust his cock into my mouth.I almost gagged as I felt it press against the back of my throat,but soon as I got used to its size and thickness,I licked and teased him with my tongue just as he had done.He placed his hands either side of my head holding me still while he moved his cock in and out of my mouth.I felt him swell and grow in my mouth and heard him say he was cumming and did I want him to withdrawl.Before I could answer my mouth was awash with his warm salty tasting cum,he seemed to pump load after load much of which spilled from my mouth.He continued to move in and out remaining erect in my mouth,with no where to spit I was forced to swallow his cum,only then did he withdrawl.He said for a first timer I had done very well,and if I liked he was willing to teach me more.Removing his panties from my pocket he replaced them with his business card pleading with me to call if I was interested.

As he redressed I asked if he did this often,he went on to explain that this carpark was a known dogging site,in the evening people came from miles around to watch and participate in illicite sex acts.He had arrived early to book his spot in the carpark and that for him I was an unexpected bonus getting his evening off to a grand start.He asked if I wanted to stay and watch or even partake in the rest of the evenings proceedings but as I had a long way still to drive I declined.

As I went to my car darkness had fallen,my adventure in the gents had lasted longer than I had imagined.The tea shack was now closed and as I drove out back to the main road the carpark was rapidly filling with punters.Checking my work schedule when I got home I noticed that I have to return to Cornwall next March,maybe I will delay my depature home next time to allow me to stop off and linger for a while,who knows I might even give my new "friend" a call.