Written by Jane Hamilton

27 Nov 2004

Having been intiated into the art of swinging myself, Steve and I then decided to meet up with another couple via SH. We found an ad that appealled, went through the emails, calls and so on and then finally arrnaged to meet the other couple in a hotel in Eastbourne. Both looked very attractive in their pics - her with very dark skin, long black hair and a stunning figure.

When we met in the bar of the hotel they were everything in the flesh that they'd promised and we quickly settled down with a gin each. I should have realisied that all was not well when she started to give a good impression of trying to drown herself with gin. I became slightly more concerned when I noticed that she stiffened up when my husband Steve lightly brushed her leg. Anyway her husband was the life and soul of the party and was obviously very keen as he suggested that we girls go up to the room and get ready and the boys would be up in 10 mins after another gin.

When we got to the room I quickly got out of my dress. Julie did the same but seemed to take her time. "Oh we're wearing the same thing", I said brightly. We both had black basques, stockings, suspenders and high heels on but she looked a lot more sexy than me. "I'm not sure that I want to do this. She said. I sat down on the bed stunned. She went onto explain that her husband had been on about swinging for ages and she'd gone along with it to humour him but now that it had happened for real she really wasn't sure. I quickly texted Steve and told him to take his time coming up and started talking to Julie. It turned out that she had never had another man and apart from a kiss at school had neevr been with a girl. I told her that she didn't have to do anything she didn't want and we could keep it to soft swing if she wanted. At that she seemed to brighten up and kissed me. Another couple of minutes and the guys arrived.

When the guys walked in I quickly explained to Steve and told Julie and Paul to sit in the corner. I then went over to Steve and out on the show of my life kissing him and then gradually undressing him and giving him a bj to die for.

Steve was unable to contain himself and pushed me on my back and entered me straightaway. The sex was so good that we briefly forgot the couple watching us from the other side of the room. I then remembered Julie and caught her eye. With a move of my head and eyes I asked her to come over to me. Very unwilingly she moved over to me (even while Steve continued a slow grind into me). When she got next to me I gently pulled her head down and kissed her on the lips. At first she resisted a bit gradually her tension eased and she started to kiss me back. When we finally stopped kissing she smiled at me and moved back a little but did not stand upright. This was the signal for Steve and I to each take a breast and to caress and then start to lick and suck them. So engrossed in this did we become that we quite forgot bonking each other and Paul.

Julie did not move at all but half stood and half crouched with her eyes closed. I couldn't tell whether she was enjoying it or wishing herself somewhere else. Then a low moan came from her and I could tell that we were doing alright.

After a few more minutes of this Paul came up behind Julie and started to rub her fanny through her knickers. Steve and I didn't stop sucking and licking. After a few minutes of this Paul gently pulled her knickers to one side and entered her. He thrust for a few minutes and then came with a huge grunt. Julie just stood there with her eyes still shut.

After Paul had withdrawn. I kissed Julie's neck and asked her if she was alright. She said that she was OK but really wanted to go now. With that they got dressed and left. The following day Julie rang me to say that the experience had been very nerve wracking; that she appreciated the way we'd done it but that she would not be swinging again. The following day Paul rang to see if I wanted to meet him on my own or, if not whether Steve and I fancied a threesome with him alone. We did not.