Written by Satisified Man 2

7 Mar 2006

J Stood up, unsteady on her feet, Cum now driping off her chip, small drops landing on her Tits..

Drunk Man, looking on not sure of my reaction, tried to say something..

"Your a Slut" i said

"I know" J said

"Tell us" i said looking at Drunkman "What you just did"

"But you watched you dirty sod" J said

"I know that, tell me what you just did, i want to hear"

Drunk foung a Chair and sat..

"I danced with a stranger, who fingered me and i come, then i wanked him because you told me to and sucked him off, and he cum in my mouth"

My cock was now at bursting point..

"Do you want to fuck him" I said

"Do you want me to" J replied

"I didn't ask you that, do you want to feel his cock in you"

"Yes" J replied "Yes i want to feel his cock in my pussy"

Drunk looked suprised.

I looked at J on the Balconey, naked Tits with drips of Cum on them, her lips still wet. J looked stunning, slowly rubbing her tits, giving each nipple a hard pull..

"You" i said pointing to Drunk man "Lay on your back on that coffee table.

He did as was asked.

"J" i said " Take your knickers off and put them over his face"

Drunk looked worried as J pulled down her black knickers, placing them over his face, i watched as he took a good long sniff.

"Take his cock and make it hard again"I told her "You know how"

J stood at the end of the table, her tits swinging to the rythem of her mouth as she suck greederly at his slowly stiffning cock.

" taste nice" i asked, slapping her naked arse.

"Yes" she said, cock still in mouth, "Yes it tastes fucking great"

I slapped her arse again, she moaned..

"Your just a dirty fucking whore" I siad

"Yes" she replied, now wanking his cock against her tits.

"I'm just a cheap dirty whore"

I slapped her arse again.

I got my cock out and stood behind her, wiping the end on her pussy, her wetness running down her thigh's

It slipped in, J moaned and i fucked her, pushing her head on to his cock again. The knickers on his face had fallen off and his face was in pure delight.

"Call her a Whore" i told him..

"You a fucking dirty Whore" he said "Your sucking my cock while your old man fucks you"

"I know" J said out load "I want to be a whore, i want to be treated as a whore all the time"

"Keep talking" i told her

J looked at him.

"I want cock in me all the time, i ache for it"

"Tell him the thinks you've used in your pussy to fuck yourself with", i slapped her arse again hard.

"I've got Dildo's, one is huge with a sucker on the bottom. I put that on the washing machine and stick it into myself"

"Anything else" he asked

"Bananas and a Cucumber, but there very cold inside me"

I slapped J's arse again

"And i love to finger myself, that's the best"

Suddenly, i felt my Cum rising and shoot into her pussy, she groaned, grabbing my cock between her legs, rubbing spunk over her clit..

With out being told, J straddled the drunk man, his cock slipped into her soaking pussy. He grabbed her Tits as they swung and she bounced up and down, one hand on his chest to steady herself.

"Look me " I told her "Look at me when there's another mans cock in you"

She turned and looked

"He's coming, i can feel it,FUCK " she shouted, loud enough for the whole hotel to hear it seemed.

"He coming" J grabbed her tit, tugging at her nipple, twisting it hard around,"Shit i'm coming" and she shook, falling across his chest, his cock ploping out of her pussy, Cum forming strings from his cock to her pussy lips.

Part 3 Soon