Written by Billy

28 Jun 2006

After fantasising with Angie how much fun it would be for us to look for other men to give her a good fucking, she agreed, so we went to some quiet car parks near to where we lived. Either we chose the wrong night, or nobody wanted to play,

Angie was cross that we had no joy when she had worn what she thought was the skimpiest of clothes and had even taken her favourite vibrator along in case anyone wanted her to put on a show.

The following Friday, we abandoned the car parks and instead, cruised the lorry parks in our area. There were plenty of trucks parked up for the night and some of them for the weekend.

We stopped close to three lorries and began playing with each other. Just as things began to get hot, we noticed two faces at the window. This seemed to get Angie even more randy and when she asked me what she should do next, I suggested that if she liked the look of them, she might try opening her window so that they could get a better view of her sex. She undid the buttons of her blouse and exposed her breasts before she lowered her window and reaching out with her hand, began stroking the one guys cock through his trousers. The guy looked a little surprised, but as she rubbed his growing erection, he lowered his zip to make it easier for her.

I reached over and as I rubbed her wet, swollen clitoris, I heard her ask the man if he liked being sucked. The next thing I saw was his stiff prick working it's way into her welcoming mouth! I can't remember the last time that she gave me a blow job and for a moment, wished that it was me that she was sucking.

Between mouthfuls, Angie told her new friend how good he tasted. There were strings of pre-cum dripping from her mouth and I had never seen her looking so sexy. I heard the guy moan and say that he would love to fuck her. She laughed and said that she was more than willing to fuck with him and his friend, although she couldn't invite them home.

Frank, (I found out later,) said that he had a sleeper cab and asked her if she fancied a threesome with his friend. After being introduced to his mate Alex, she agreed and happily told me that I should wait while the three of them fucked.

I sat there like a fool for the next four hours with a hardon as I watched the lorry moving and hearing the moans and groans coming from the open windows. I realised that they were giving my horny wife all the hot cock she wanted.

At three o,clock in the morning, Angie almost staggered from the open cab and got into the car. I would not have believed that this was the same woman. She had a big smile on her face, there were love bites on her breasts, her nipples were swollen and her short skirt and thighs were spattered with love juice.

Giving me a spunky kiss and thanked me for a great evening, she told me how good it felt to have two cocks fucking her body at the same time. Angie said that she had lost count of how many times both men had cum off inside and over her, but that she had loved every minute of it!

It was two days before I could get my cock up her, because she was so sore, but as she re-lived the fucking they gave her, I suggested that one weekend, I would drop her off at the lorry park and allow her to fuck and suck as many cocks as she wanted as long as she phoned me when she wanted picking up.

Angie's answer was to go out the next day and get a mobile phone!