Written by The peeper.

8 Aug 2010

Having been diagnosed with high blood pressure i have taken to having a walk along the river near us to help me kick start losing some weight. I had a day off last week and went for a lunch time walk. As I had a bit more time I went further and ended up walking thru a small wooded area. I was half way in when I saw a couple walking on the path in front of me. He was dressed in a shirt and trousers, she in a blouse and a skirt just above her knees. I stopped and stood and watched. They stopped and started to embrace. I moved behind a tree, hidden by some bushes. They were kissing passionately for a few minutes, as they did the bloke was massaging her right tit. They stopped. had a quick look around and then moved into the woods off the path. I gave them a couple of minutes and then crept along the path to where they had disappeared. I quietly walked into the woods, an area with some quite dense bushes. I got about 20 foot in and saw the couple in a small clering by a fallen tree trunk. The woman looked about 25 and was on her knees sucking the blokes prick, he looked about 40, as he held her head. After 5 minutes of sucking, the bloke undid his belt and allowed his trousers to fall to his ankles. The woman then pulled his boxer shorts down, exposing his erect prick and balls. She stood up and undid the buttons on his shirt, as she removed it, he stepped out of his trousers and pants. He stood there stark bollack naked with a stiff prick sticking out. She then removed her blouse and bra, exposing a lovely large round pair of tits, she pulled her skirt and knickers down in one go. She then stood naked in front of him. They began kissing each other and moved over to the fallen tree trunk.

She sat on the trunk with her legs spread apart. The bloke got down on his kness and buried his face in her pussy. she started to moan. He grabbed her thighs as he licked her pussy as one hand of hers went to the back of his head pushing him right into her pussy. With her other hand she was playing with her left tit, rolling her nipple.She then came with a moan. The bloke stood up, the woman stood up and turned around. She bent over using the tree trunk as support as she spread her legs. The bloke went to his trousers on the ground and pulled out a condom. He rolled it over his stiff prick and entered her from behind. As he fucked her it was a great sight seeing her big tits sway back and forth in time as he fucked her. I got my prick out and wanked it.He then gave a grunt as he came. He withdrew and went over to his clothes and started to dress. The woman stood up and walked about the small clearing. He called out to her get dressed, she stopped facing towards me. She cupped both breasts in her hands and appeared to look straight at me. She licked her lips and winked. I thought I could not be seen as I watched them and wanked my prick. She stood there playing with her large tits, then moved one hand to her shaved pussy and rubbed it. I came and shot my load over the bush. She then walked over to her clothes and dressed, as they walked away, she looked over her shoulder and gave me a smile and a quick wave. I followed at a dicreet distance and saw them leave in a car, parked in the pub car park at the edge of the wood. I have been back, but have not seen them or the car yet.