Written by Sexy Couple

25 May 2005

We first started fantasising about having a threesome on our honeymoon, we spent the whole two weeks in bed fucking and sharing our most intimate desires with each other. Megan is 36 and absolutely gorgeous with very long dark brown hair wonderful body and a beautiful pussy. I am 39 in real good shape with a nice shaved and cut 8" cock.

Anyway when Megan and I first met she was flirted with by a guy at work, Dave, who was much older than her maybe 10-15 years. At that time she wasn't interested as we had just met and were very much in love and still are. Since our honeymoon Dave has bee the object of our fantasies, we know he fancies Megan and he is 'safe' as she knows him. We have been having a threesome with him in our minds for sometime know! Over the last 6 months I have encouraged Megan to flirt with him which she has. To cut a long story short it all gathered a lot of pace in the last two weeks.

I asked her to invite him to our house whilst I was away on business, which she arranged, this was to get her confortable with the siutation. We discussed what she was allowed to do and I said what she felt like. We agreed in the end on a kiss and maybe a little playing and touching. The night came and we talked before he arrived, Megan kept me involved by text whic was very sexy. Apparently she fell asleep on the sofa and was awoken by hin stroking the inside of her leg very near her pussy but outside her track bottoms. She text me and told if I wanted him to finger her pussy I said I did, her next text said 'certain' mine said 'yes certain'. This is pretty much the texting that followed:

Her: His hand is inside my track bottoms

Me: Wow is it nice baby, are you wet?

Her: Very nice and very wet babe

Me: I am so hard honey

Pause of about 5mins

Her: He is fingering my pussy baby

Me: Do you like it, is he inside you?

Her: It's lovely he has two fingers inside me

Me: Enjoy darling I will leave for a while

Pause of about 10mins

Her: Stroking his cock darling

Me: Stroking mine too, is it big

Her: Yes babe, nice and big like yours

Me Are you going to suck it darling

Her: Not today, when we are all together I love you

Me: Sounds good to me babe call me when you are done

She called me to tell me all about it and that she loved it, and that it was amazing that we are so close and able to do this together which I agreed. Total openess.

We are going to take it the next step this friday, we have invited Dave around for dinner and he will be staying over so Megan and I may turn the fantasy into a reality this weekend, I hope so..........will keep you informed