Written by Paulrcouple

15 Dec 2014

We had been Swinging a few years now i was in my early 30,s still playing football for a local team. This young lad a joined our team as you no players come and go all the time. After the game,s and training in mid week we would end up at the pub most would meet up with there wife or girlfriend and all would get on well.

This young lad fitted in well and seemed good fun and we all accepted him..

The first time Jane saw him i knew she fancied him asked her she said don't be daft i said you do she said he,s OK more thank OK be nice to have him one night. Then left it at that

He was called Ron 22 and just started to come into the pub were our team played for we had seen him about but never took any notice of him. Like all football teams especially pub teams always a lot of drinking after and banter. Ron was sat with us Jane got chatting the team was picked for Sunday all sorting there lifts out we all did not have cars in those days.Jane always took me she asked Ron if he needed a lift he said yes if it was OK she said yes i smiled at Jane she looked at me and smiled and shook her head.

We had a couple of more drinks and went told Ron we would pick him up at the pub Sunday morning were we all met said good night and went.

In the car said to Jane you fancy fucking him don't you she said he,s nice but to risky he could open his mouth and tell every one yes that's the big problem picking guys to keep it shut.

In bed she asked me what his cock was like told her never saw him in the showers that was a big part when having sex would tell Jane about other lads cocks in the showers turned her on.

Sunday came went and picked Ron up at the pub then went and played in the showers had a good look at Ron he was not with out. Had a few drinks with the rest of them and there wives and girl friends Ron sat with us we all chatted and laughed made a lot of noise in the pub Jane and Ron chatted a lot and laughed last orders pubs shut at 3pm in those days home dinner in bed for a fuck like we always did on a Sunday afternoon.

As soon as we started touching each other i started telling Jane about Ron cock in the showers she made me tell her a few time,s about it was about 5 inches on the slack his skin half way down his bell end and it looked a good girth she was playing with her self she moaned as she brought herself off.

She then gave me a bj we started chatting with her head on my chest asked her what she had been talking about with Ron she said he had split up with his girl friend gone off with one of his mates that's why he,s started to come into the pub all his mates new about.

Would you fuck him i asked she said to risky fuck him on your own but be discreet she said would never on her own we ended up fucking and then fell asleep.

Just a normal Sunday night no more was said went to work Monday Tuesday. Tuesday night sat on the couch started to have a bit of fun then told Jane can not wait to see Ron,s cock in the showers after training told her what it was like told her he was going to fuck her soon no his not too risky Jane said.

Wednesday night in the showers usual banter with the lads i was next to Ron spent a long time with the soap washing my bits got a semi on he had seen me looking at him he did the same we both smiled at each other not a word said .

But all you lads that have a bi side you know when there's is something there.

Jane picked us up back to the pub few beers and banter then home told Jane in bed about the showers told her think he,s up for it had a great fuck as i told Jane about his cock again Jane said no way at all let,s see what happen,s Was playing at home Sunday so he did not need a lift.

Our changing rooms were not very big and the shower,s were small not a lot of room in the shower very tight was next to Ron he had pushed his way through to me got all soaped up the shower was hot and it was mid winter very cold out on the pitch so spent a bit longer than normal in the shower we got pushed together our cocks touched each other did not pull away.

I Turned my back on him he was in the corner felt his cock on me the showers was still full he did not move i put my hand round my back got hold of his cock just for a second and squeezed it he got hold of my hand and held it round it just for a second we pulled a part i felt it grow in that second.

I left the shower got dressed said to Ron would see him back in the pub it was just up the road.

Jane was there with all the other girls got her on her own told her what had happened she said what happen,s if he tell every one don't think he,s going to tell them i had hold of his cock.

We sat down rest of the lads started to come in Ron came and sat with us asked if Jane was OK she said fine i said she could be a lot happier he asked what was up she said nothing its just me up to no good..

Same as normal just the banter getting noisy but yo could feel something had gone on with me and Ron we smiled at each other told him i tell Jane every thing we have no secrets he looked at Jane and she smiled at him he looked at me i said it would not be our first time.

Lets put some records on me and Ron went to the duke box in a passage way told him we were up for fun if he fancied it come back with us after closing time told him Jane was up for it said he fancied Jane like mad.

Told Jane there was 3 for dinner last orders came got drinks and a take away then home.

Once in side got drinks started chatting we had only known Ron about 3 weeks to talk to seen him round told him we had been swinging for about 6 years Jane said he must promise never to say a word said he would keep quiet told us he and his girl friend had started playing with another couple that's why they had split up she had gone off with him.

Jane said Paul tells me you have a nice cock lets see better still lets go up stairs we went up stairs all got undressed Jane told Ron to play with me then me with him got us to suck each other then said best way to keep someone,s mouth shut then she sucked us both.

Ron was good Jane liked him had many good times with him even took him to meet an other couple Had fun with Ron for about 3 years would see him in the pub with other people Jane would smile and hold a glass in her left hand that was a way to let him no he was welcome to come round he would hold his glass and have a drink in his left hand.

Ron met a girl got married and our fun with Ron was over.

Ron was a nice lad sex was good with him not a super stud by no way nice cock Jane always got of on it like me into oral fun with a guy and most of all kept to his word no one Knew