Written by G

18 Apr 2006

I’m 50+ years old & consider myself to be in my prime!

I’m just locked in a sexless marriage – ok yes I know sex isn’t everything.

But, when even the hugs, cuddles & kisses stop – then you know there’s something wrong.

My husband has basically given up on me in favour of a bottle!

So I got myself a lap top & got on the ‘net & started ‘surfing’.

I soon got chatting to men & women – all sorts some really nice – some not so.

You soon learn to ‘weed’ out the nutters – then you’re left with a clique of nice people.

Most of whom have a lot in common with you.

I got chatting to a really nice man – got so I was rushing home from work – just to chat to him.

We built up a friendship – we seemed to have loads in common.

We began to speak on the phone daily & both looked forward to our chats.

It all just ‘gelled’ – so we decided to meet.

No strings – yes we’d flirted.

Swapped sexual likes & dislikes – do’s & don’ts.

The day came & I found myself dressing – in hope I’d please this charming man.

I took time with my hair – found myself taking just that bit longer to make myself look my best.

I chose sexier undies & a blouse which revealed – my ample bust line.

He’d reserved a room in a Travelodge – but, we both agreed if we didn’t feel it was right between us – we’d shake hands & leave it at that.

Oddly I didn’t feel in the least bit nervous – yet I was breaking every rule in the book by meeting a complete stranger.

I pulled into the car park of the Little Chef & saw he’s car.

He walked up to me & gave me a kiss – like ‘old’ friends might.

Then we went for a cup of tea (very gentile & English!)

We chatted & I certainly could feel the chemistry between us.

We both must have known what we’d really come to do.

In the end we just stood up & strolled to the Travelodge & checked in.

We got to the room and let ourselves in – by then it was obvious what we were there to do.

I walked to the window to pull the curtains closed.

He came up behind me & put he’s arms around me – I turned to him & we really kissed.

He hands cupped my face, then my neck, then my breasts & as he pressed himself to me I could feel him getting hard.

We fell onto the bed & the kissing got passionate.

Clothes started to come off – with great urgency.

We were soon both naked & we both knew what was about to happen.

I was desperate to make love with him & I know he was for me.

We threw total caution to the wind & made love then & there.

Very little was said – we just allowed our bodies to enjoy.

We licked, sucked, tongued, caressed, touched & tasted each other.

We covered every inch of the bed. Our bodies moved as one. We became one.

We orgasmed together. We helped each other to solo orgasms. He gave. I received.

We finally lay back in each others arms – totally satiated & reflected upon what had happened.

We went over what had brought us together – both trapped in loveless marriages.

But yet neither of us felt any guilt.

Time flew & soon it was time to say goodbye – would we meet again?

I asked – in the end & I could tell by he’s face it was just what he’d wanted ask.

That was 18 months ago – we meet about every 3 weeks – we’ve spent a couple of overnight stays together & every meeting is better than the last.

The sex we are having is the best of our lives. We talk, we laugh – we do everything that is missing from our lives with our spouses.

We buy things to keep our lovemaking spiced up.

We’ve even had another man join us for an afternoon of fun & frolics!

We are currently looking for another couple – to maybe share an afternoon with.

We talk everything through – we agree with each other before we make any decisions.

We both feel totally rejuvenated with life – we chat every day – either by phone or via MSN.

Neither of us can imagine our lives without the other one in it.

Only God knows how this will all end – I know what I’d like to happen & I know my man has similar ideas.

All I can say is please read this, enjoy it (hopefully)

Let me know if it sounds familiar to YOU.

I’ll end by saying …………..watch this space