Written by ian

25 Feb 2004

my wife( sue) and i were out at the weekend, we'd had a fair bit to drink, under her black dress( very plain)she had stockings&suspenders tiny G string no bra, we were just having fun on our own, both getting horny knowing what underwear she had on, i went to the loo, on my return she was dancing with a younger guy and having a laugh, when they'd finished he bought us a drink and stayed to talk with us, i asked had he come by himself, he said no, with a friend, he called him over and we spent an hour or so talking and dancing, near closing time i was dancing with my wife and suggested we get one of those travelodge hotel rooms for the night, work out cheaper than a taxi,also we could invite the boys back for a drink, we'd always fantasized with each other about threesomes, and she could see what i was thinking,to my surprise ( and shock ) she said ok. The boys were surprised when we asked them back for a drink.A taxi took us to the nearest motel,we booked in(the boys stayed outside)went up to the room and called them on their mobile giving them the room number, my wife said to me "you know whats going to happen,don't you, will you be alright with it", i said lets do it, it turns both of us on. when they knocked on the door it made both of us jump, we let them in, poured some drinks, then my wife shocked me, she said to me "would you unzip my dress and let ray & steve see what i'm wearing underneth" she slipped out of it and faced the boys, her nipples sticking right out, she sat on the bed and invited ray to take her G string off,it was so sexy watching him take it off, then he pushed her legs apart, her pussy was wide open, steve went over and held her leg up,and said, "lets fuck her, its what they want", steve undressed as ray fingered sue, making her moan,then steve turned her over told her to reach back and pull herself open for him,he slid his cock into sue who was very wet,the noises her pussy was making as he fucked her were unbelievable,ray meanwhile had undressed, he stood in front of sue and told her to suck him,i couldn't believe what i was seeing, my wife getting fucked and sucking a cock of two strangers at the same time, and enjoying it. I stripped off and got ready to take the place of whoever cum first, they made me wait while they swopped ends and tried different positions with sue,it seemed ages before i got my cock in her mouth, i just held still as she was rocked backwards and forwards as steve fucked her, her tits swinging and cheeks of her arse getting slapped by steves firm stomach as he pushed in and out,we took turns to use her as two watched,this went on for nearly three hours, i've never seen sue's pussy so swollen, red and wet, they left at 5am, we still can't believe what we done with two complete strangers, and we haven't stopped fucking since as we keep going over it.