Written by Richard

16 Feb 2004

I got chating to an older lady who was 40 years old (i'm 31)and going through a divorce. So after chatting for a few weeks with the usual flirting and swopping of photo's, decided to meet up for a drink. As i work from home for a few weeks at a time, i arranged to pick her up when i got home and couldnt wait.

I was a bit nervous as i knocked on her door, but as she opened the door, i was met by a very good looking woman who looked alot better than her picture. We got chatting on the sofa over the usual when she got up to make a drink, as the kettle was boiling she came and sat right next to me, started to stroke my hand and asked" well do i get a kiss then"

Well i couldnt believe my luck here, we started kissing slow, which turned into very lustfull kissing and touching. Her hand moved over to my cock (which was rock hard) so i moved my hand inside her trousers to fine a very wet clean shaved pussy. "lets go to bed" she says.

Within minutes of meeting this girl, we was ripping each others clothes off, she had her hand round my cock & i had my finger inside her bald pussy. She then pussed me on my back and slowly lowered herself onto me, now she was totaly soaking wet and she said" i want you to fuck me and cum inside me" After hearing that it wasnt long before i was filling her up the the first time of many that night. When she came, she was so wet i just had to get her to sit on my face and the taste of our juices together was very nice, but it wasnt to long before she let out another moan and cum over my face.

We then fucked all night, only to wake in the morning for more of the same.