Written by Tony and Ann

3 Mar 2004


I am Ann, Tony's wife and wish to tell you about how Tony and I met and what went on between the delightful Arthur and me.

Tony will relate his experiences with his old flame Edna later.

Tony was visiting hospital when I met him. He instantly attracted me and I asked him out. It was Christmastime 20 years ago and we had some pleasant meetings in pubs and restaurants. I suspected Tony was still a virgin as he was so shy and unwilling to take any initiative to further our relationship. On New Years Eve I slept in the downstairs bedroom in Tony's parents house. We had quite a bit to drink that evening and both of us were very frisky. I went to bed just after seeing in the New Year while Tony went to his room upstairs. At 2 o'clock he knocked on my door to say he was unable to sleep because of his feelings for me. One thing led to another and we finished up making love three time within the hour. It was not the best sex I had experienced as Tony ejaculated prematurely each time and I failed to have an orgasm. We liked each other sufficiently though to get married within 6 months.I was not very experienced in sexual matters. I had slept with two other fellows since leaving school. The first was Ron who was studying for his A levels. He had got some condoms and I thought "What the Hell" lets do it. It did not take much time with him either and I was astonished that all that heavy breathing could produce such a minute drop of sperm. The second fellow was Faroque an Indian college student. We had gone drinking and I secreted him into the ground floor flat I shared with my flat mate. He could not even get an erection that night but the following morning "Wow!" Our thrashings woke up my flat mate who had never had a proper boyfriend and she was very turned on but what she was witnessing. Then totally out of character she shed her night dress and joined in our fucking.We both shagged him silly. That was the last we saw of Faroque in the flesh. His picture did appear in the National Newspaper several years later together with his wife and newly born triplets.

Because I was petite, well proportioned and had a nice arse I havereceived a number of offers to go to bed over the last 20 years, mainly from junior doctors or lecherous male nurses. I used to be a hell of a tease at parties snogging everyone in sight and grabbing their various sized manhoods whenever I could, but I never slept with any of them. However with Arthur it was different. I fancied him and I know the feeling was mutual so I said "What the Hell let's do it". I would not have any conscience about this as there was such a crackling chemistry passing between Tony and Edna that it was inevitable they would end up shagging each other. I just wanted to get in there first.

Arthur was a big turn on. I loved his posh voice and his lovely big soft hands. On the evening of their visit I went upstairs with Arthur ostensibly to look at the web-site devoted to the short careers of my opera singing parents, but really to get him into a bedroom. I chose the quitest room above the kitchen with its large, old double-bed with a metal framework. We sat on the bed and the frame whined. "Too late to change rooms now" I thought we just didn't have the time. I removed my top and slacks and Arthur removed his sweater and trousers. We lay close together in our undies. Arthur gently caressed the area between my suspender and thigh. My acorn bud twitched as his hand slid inside my panties forcing open the labial folds. He delicately traced the very sensitive clitoral area making me moan. His penis was projecting through the slit in his boxer shorts like a tower. I wanted to lick the semen making the helmet glisten and run my tongue around the gorged glans but again time was too scarce. Action had to be immediate. He unhooked the front of my bra and removed my pantee suspender. He drew a sudden intake of breath when he saw my moist pubic triangle. He fingered my swollen clit until I moaned again making the bed-frame rattle. "Lie back and do as I ask" I ordered. He was quivering in anticipation with his thick phallus, iron hard. Oh how I loved the feel of it gliding into my vagina. I was in charge and told him the only permissible movements were to fondle my tits and bum. Gradually vacillating from a walking pace through a trot, canter, and finishing with a gallop I made the metal bedhead sing fortissimo I felt him stiffen. I was in such a heightened state that I came immediately. This was followed by a salvo of bursts as his hot semen spurted into me. We gasped exhausted. As I sank down on the bed I saw the cum still oozing out of his urethra. He was wearing the smile of contentment one witnesses on the face of a Buddha.


After seeing what Arthur and Ann had been up to Edna and I went into the adjoining bedroom. Here our lovemaking will be quiet but quick. We stripped off in a tremendous hurry. I fingered her blonde moist fanny as she lay on the bed with her beautiful legs wide open. Then I tongued her exquisite love bud and tasted the honeyed juices flowing from it. Suddenly she shuddered. "What's wrong. Do you want me to stop" I asked anxiously. "Not in your life. Ive just had the most wonderful orgasm. Come on Tony screw me". Already I was knocking at Heaven's Gate. She had the softest, silkiest vagina imaginable. My penis slipped magically in and out with an electric thrill passing through my glans with every movement. She fondled my testicles and bum with the most perfect of expertise.We swapped positions with Edna on top but letting me do all the work. I moved much faster going as deeply as I could and touching the bottom of the cervix. I touched her clit and anus and she was screaming in exultation. Then I ejaculated shooting globule after globule of spunk into her. The gates had opened and a tremendous feeling of peace pervaded my body. This was broken by a round of applause from Arthur and Ann standing naked in the doorway. His hand on her bottom she was massaging his tool.

We all lay together with the warmth of our bodies giving us a wonderful feeling of togetherness. Half and hour later we were still on the same bed but this time making love to our spouses though I had one hand on Edna's breast whilst she was squeezing my bum.