Written by Amanda

18 Jan 2005

Well i had been thinking about finding myself a play mate from this site for over a week. Finally i plucked up the courage to send an email to someone i thought would be able to give me a good time. Initially i doubted anything would cum of the email. Then a reply came back.

We Chatted about our experiences we had of dogging and how much we liked it. We asked where each other lived an amazingly it was within 5 miles of each other (must have been fate).

He was newly married although been with his wife for a few years. I have been with my boyfriend for about six years. His wife knows nothing about his fantasies which really turned me on. My boyfriend knew i was chatting to him on the internet and was egging me on to meet him. I was a bit nervous and i'm sure he was. We chatted for a couple of hours and arranged to meet each other a couple of miles away from our homes.

I met him on a dark road. I pulled up behind him, got out the car. All i was wearing was a tiny little skirt that hardly covered my bum and a low cut top. (no knickers and no bra). My pussy was all ready cumming at the thought that i had never met this man before and i was hopefully going to have the best time of my life. A lorry had just pulled up on the oppsosite side of the road but it didn't bother us. If he wanted to watch all the better it was for us. The thought of being watched was both of our fantasy.

I got in his car, he had got off from work early and his wife was expecting him home about midnight. We just chatted and giggled with each other for about 20-30 mins. It was obviously a nervous laughter as we hadn't done anything like this before, especially only speaking to each other for the first time a couple of hours before.

He said he wanted to touch me, then he had a nervous giggle, so i said we both know why were are here. The next thing he put his hand down my low cut top and started fondling with my breasts. He said how gorgeous my breast were, with big dark erect nipples. He loved women who wore glasses which was lucky for me as i wear them. he said they were a turn on. He was telling me how his wife was a size 10, blonde with glasses. Although he fantasises about women with dark brown hair, dark eyes and a natural curve which was great for me as i am a size 14, dark curly brown hair and hazel eyes.

I started to rub his big cock up and down, i could not wait to start sucking it, but there was no time for that my seat went back and his fingers slid deep inside my soaking wet pussy. i was cumming, the smell of cum was in the air. He started licking me out, it was going on for so long but i didn't want him to stop. I started moaning and groaning, it was mind blowing. the longer he went on the more i was gagging for it. He asked me if i wanted to taste my own juices, so i licked his fingers clean of all my cum. I loved it.

He then lent a bit further towards me and we started kissing each other, we couldn't keep our hands of each other. My heart was pounding then he started to rub my tight arse. I was nervous but his fingers just slid up my arse. i started screaming the pleasure was unbelievable. i was just gagging for his big dick to be fucking my arse. I told him i needed his big cock in my mouth. He was so hard i couldn't believe i had resisted it for so long but i was becoming uncontrollable. I NEEDED COCK- HIS COCK.

He sat up and i took his cock in my hand and started wanking him, but i needed to taste his cum in my mouth. i lent down and started sucking his big thick cock. i could feel he was going to explode. He kept telling me how good i was and how much he wanted to fuck me. i want his cock deep inside i wanted to grind myself deep on his cumming cock. i was sucking his cock so much he just could not hold it in any longer. He shot his load in my mouth, the taste was ecstasy.

Unfortunatley the time had flown by, he had to get back to his trusting wife. we cleaned ourselves up and decided that we would meet another time to finish what we had started. Next time making sure there was no time limits for a next big adventure. We didn't even notice if the wagon driver had been watching, but how could he have resisted watching such a show.

I drove home with a big smile and a cumming pussy ready to be fucked by my boyfriend, who i told of my complete pleasure. My boyfriend and I loved our little experience, of meeting my new play mate and can't wait for it to happen again.