Written by johnny garwood

1 Jun 2005

me and my girlfriend hannah always go for a stroll every saturday night. but last saturday it was raining so we decided to go on the sunday and that is where the story begins...

im not a good looking chap so sex has always been a problem, but i met my soul mate hannah and we have had a relationship for 2 years but it was going a bit stale. and that sunday wen we went back to the car at pipers vale around 12:45am we noticed a car rocking with people gathered around it. we didnt think much of it until we sat in the car then we relised what was going on, i was disgusted at first but it really seemed to turn hannah on and she wanted to go over, i tried to talk her out of it but she is a head strong girl and went anyway, thats when this girl came over and said, hi they call me LISA C but u can call me loopy, are you looking for some fun? i turned round and said well my girlfriend is over there, she said dont worry thats my husband in the car. then i noticed hannah on her knees sucking this mans cock and it really started to turn me on, i was hard like a rock and looking for a cave, then loopy got in the car and started kissing my neck and un-doing my trousers, she took out my cock and said well ive seen bigger but this will do and she started to suck it. i was so horny i ripped off her clothes and and shoved my dick into her tight wet pussy, i almost came straight away so i started to slow down, she was screaming more more more how do you like it? i said like this! hannah came over and started to lick my nipples, it was so tingly my cock got harder and i came in her tight wet shaven haven. she got off and started to kiss hannah, i was like a boy in a sweet shop and hannah went down on her like the titanic (very quickly) and started to put her fingers in, i was hard again! and i took hannah from behind pounding like there was no tomorrow. it felt so good but so wrong at the same time, it added to the thrill! she came over my cock and then turned round and sucked it off, i came again in her mouth, i had never done this before, i felt dirty and sexy at the same time. we decided to leave as it was 3am and i had work in the morning, but we decided to go 4 our stroll every sunday night.

ive never had so much sexual experience in a few hours.