Written by J&S

13 Jan 2004

My wife and I have just returned from a short holiday in the sun. I will never forget it.

For years I have talked to my wife about her letting me watch her have sex with another man. She has always said no, she has however let me fuck her outdoors on many an occasion.

During this holiday we were having good sex. One night my wife got very drunk whilst we were out for the evening. We got a bit randy and I started talking dirty to her. She was well away with the drink. When it was time to go back to the hotel I had to help her along. On the way back we were kissing and having a good feel. She was well away and talking dirty back to me. We were going along when I said to her that in the mood she was in she would let me watch her being fucked. She laughed and said maybe. We went a little further along the road still sexing each other up. We passed a man sitting on a wall outside some flats. He was about 30 and fit looking. I said to my wife why dont you ask that man if he would like to fuck you,thinking she wouldnt. She stopped, turned round and went up to him. He had had a few as it turned out. She sat beside him and got talking. She got hold of his hand and put it on her tits. He didnt need any other help, he felt her all over, fingered her and made her get hold of his dick. They didn't have sex but did make each other cum. My wife got up, thanked him, came back over to me and said not all you wanted but I hope it will do. Back to the hotel we went and had rampant sex. In the morning my wife asked me how I felt, I loved it I told her. She laughed and said she might do more if I take her on another holiday.