Written by beach boy

25 Apr 2016

Thanks for your comments, we had sex just on the thought of sharing our experience,

we have just come back from the canary islands, and want to share our next experience.

we were hoping to actually get my wife to make another man come with me watching and if we were all comfortable have full blown intercourse ,we went to the beach and found some sunbeds as we were early there wasn't many people about so we laid on the beds and started to oil up, my wife was laying there looking very horny in her black tie up bikini , I kept asking her to remove it but she was nervous so I tugged at the side strings then with one quick swipe ...she pulled it off revealing her nicely trimmed dark bush now the top I said ,wow there she was naked in front of me. my cock was now straining in my shorts so I stood up and off they came I had to lay on my front as I was rock hard. we laid there for a while as more people were arriving on the beach and stripping off. I told her if we get a chance lets go for it .

she was getting more daring and I said lets walk down to the sea, off we went it felt amazing the sun hitting our naked skin , when we returned there were another couple sitting on the beds next to us , similar ages but in swim wear, my wife stood straight in front of them and dried herself down giving the husband a full view of her fit size 14 figure. we laid back on the beds warming up in the sun and I told my wife to face him and see if there was a response as she turned I could see her cunt was actually running come down her thighs. the husband was obviously turned on and he couldn't take his eyes off of her bush. I suggested to her we walk into the bushes up the beach and see if anyone follows, we laid down out of sight and I started to finger her dripping cunt as she wanked me , I was now a the point that I wanted too see her get fucked I got on top of her and slipped into her she came almost straight away, as I laid down for one of her amazing blow jobs her lips touched the tip of my cock just as a man walking to the beach walked past I came straight away in a thick jet. all he did was put his thumbs up..... and walked off . when we returned to the sun beds the other couple had gone.