Written by Janice

6 Jan 2019

This story has stayed secret until now , i was getting married everything was going great , my wedding dress was stunning showing of my figure, perfect .

I chose the dress with my mother, sister and my best friend, it caught my eye straight away , for the wow factor i tried on 4 dresses , then i would come out and see their reaction , the owner Sandie , was helping me in and out of the dresses, she was a great help and very touchie , hands on my hips , arse and boobs.

I even stripped off my underwear to put one dress on because the underwear lines spoilt the lines of the dress , of course on the big day i would wear specific undies.

Being naked was a little bit uncomfortable but in a way a little saucy.

Sandie was very complimentary on my figure and my choices of clothes and underwear, i liked her words and i must admit her flirty nature was a turn on , i thought it was on Sandie being herself .

Whenever i left her shop she always gave me a hug and cheeky kiss.

Anyway i got a message from Sandie saying my dress was ready could i pop in for a try , she said after 5pm , i knew i shouldnt be having feelings but i was more interested stripping off infront of sandie and having her hands on me .

My dress looked beautiful, we went in the back and i was standing in my matching undies set , i removed my bra and she helped me with the dress , it fitted my figure beautifuly , looking in the mirror , her hands were on my body , maybe it was part of her sales pitch but she was saying all the right things and standing there in the dress was turning me on. Maybe i was reading the signals wrong , she told me i was beautiful and Terry was a lucky guy , we moved in for a hug then she kissed me , it was like a moment i stopped , gently kissing my lips , i responded , her tounge met mine it was a wow feeling , we kissed and her hand went to my boobs i followed her , it was amazing .

She pulled away reaching under my dress she pulled down my panties , looking into my eyes she said i want to taste you , kneeling down we wiggled up my dress she was face to face with my wet pussy , she dived in and knew what buttons to press , licking my clit and teasing my pussy hole with her fingers i came , we kissed , so sweet and sexy , Sandie climbed on her fitting table , pulling up her dress and pulling her panties to one side, she kissed me then said make me come , she was a bit hairier than me but i was so turned on , i had dabbled with my bi side in my early 20s , she told me to finger frig her with my mouth on her clit , she came within minutes.

During our moment I remembered seeing a reflection in the dress form mirrors , with my wedding dress pulled up and Sandie licking my pussy and me pushing her head .

I removed the dress and we both agreed it was a crazy one off, we never got together again but i did invite her to the wedding .

I have had some solo and intimate times since and i cant lie with my eyes closed i wish it was Sandies touch and mouth on my boobs and pussy.

The wedding was the best , but the thought that i cheated before the day with the wedding dress mananger. I was putty in her hands , a wedding dress seduction, i will remember in my private moments.