Written by lesley

1 Dec 2003

Jim had a note pad full of sketches and photos which he wanted to use as the basis of this set of pictures and I began striking poses in front of the back drop he had set up. Despite the warmth of the studio and the spot lights I had goosepimples and my nipples stood out even more than usual. Jim moved around me finding the right angles clicking away occaisionally asking me to turn this way or adjust my stance. Once or twice he actually took hold of me pushing me gently into the position he wanted his fingers brushing my breast or buttocks briefly. Each time it was like a small electric shock, I was getting turned on.

After about an hour and a half he said he thought he had enough shots for the competition and he would make us a coffee while I put on one of my outfits. I selected a push up bra and brief set in white with some white lace top hold ups and some high platform sole sandals, pretty good I thought as I looked in the mirror As I drank my coffee he pulled a small divan onto the set.

"Now " he said "this is a different type of modeling, you have got to put some effort in convince the audience you just ready for sex,.The outfits great but you've got to put out if you know what I "mean. I sprawled on the divan and began to pout etc .,Jim began snapping but he also changed. Instead of the gentile language he had used up to now he was shouting push your tits up ! spread your legs stick your arse in the air. Lets see what you look like when you want to fuck,i suppose you do fuck don't you. All the time I was moving arround taking up different positions. Now minus my bra He positioned me face down on the divan one knee on the floor.

"Your knickers need pulling up tighter to show of your fanny lips better" and I felt him pulling them tight so they slipped up between the cheeks of my bum."to complete the picture the material needs poking right into your cunt" he said and Iimmediately felt his thick fingers pushing the gusset of my knickers into me. They stayed there and began to move back and forward against my clit. His other arm encircled me and he began to grope my breast. I felt him fumbling behind me, his hand pulled my knickers to one side and suddenly his cock was against my cunt, and in one thrust his balls were nudging my arse. Holding on to my tits without saying a word he set up a furious motion, banging me into the divanThen with a splutter of expletives he shot his load into me.

To be continued